1St of May in Budapest

Tunes of music reaches our ears from somewhere. We put our maps into our backpacks and head for the source of pleasant music. This leads us to a mid-sized concert square. The stage, the musicians, people dancing, people lying on the grass enjoying the music, beer and french fries stands. We let ourselves get enchanted with the magic of the moment, grab ourselves some beer with fries and head for the grass. This is a “1st of May” celebration...
When I try to compare it to the celebrations at my own country, I fail to do so, since comparing two things require them to be in the same category.

A man to my right, in stylish apparel, with his laptop near him,along with his suitcase is preparing a presentation. A group of young adults to my left, with their beers in their hands, hold up a sign “ We dont have a place to sleep for the night, would you let us surf your coach? Even if not, feel free to join us drinking.” Apparently they are touring through europe. A family with kids right behind me enjoying the celebrations.

I see that a student with a few euros in his pockets, a businessman with his laptop in hand working,and a mother dancing with her baby share the same 5 meter square meter, enjoying the same music , the same beer and fries. When I think of Istanbul, at least even in festival areas, we have special areas for VIP,or special lodges. The necessity of such a think is open for debate. The 1st of May is celebrated with peace,quiet and music not with riots,police forces and batons.



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