Alaska's Biggest Glacier: Mendenhall Glacier

The biggest glacier in Alaska is Mendenhall Glacier. Its thickness is 30 meters. It is about 19 km and the widest part of it is about 600 meters.

In 1997, it had gone back about 90 meters. Since 2004, it had gone back about 600 meters. It is said that Mendenhall Glacier will not be here in 2023. Because it is getting smaller and smaller. There are falls on both sides of the glacier. But, when the glaciers freeze in winter, they look like as if they were glaciers, as well.

The area that we stepped on and took photos had been under glacier until a short time ago. The glacier left marks like claws while it was going back melting.

The people had built a building which includes a glacier history museum and a restaurant on the hill. You can even see the cristals on the glacier with binoculars.

In fact, we were going to land on Mendenhall Glacier with a helicopter, unfortunately weather conditions were not good enough. Then, we decided to go city center again. 



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