Alluring Beauty, La Digue

La Digue island is amongst the most important three islands out of 115 at the Seychelles. The other important ones are Mahe and Praslin Islands.

We reached La Digue Island from Mahe Island by a catamaran although the sea was quite rough.

You have alternatives in order to visit La Digue island: First one is oxcarts that are similar to carriages. These oxcarts are the most important vehicle for transportation. The other alternatives are riding a bicycle and walking. We preferred walking.

First of all we went to observe giant turtles living near some granite rocks.

Back in Mauritus we had seen some giant turtles as well, but the ones living here were much bigger.

As tourism means a lot for this island, even though it is a very small island it includes a heliport.

We walked alongside vanilla trees, inhaling the beautiful fragrance of vanilla. This road got us directly to the snowwhite beach.

Turquoise blue sea provides a unique integrity with spotless snowwhite beach sand. There are big granite rocks in the sea. Coconut palms, extending along snowwhite beach towards the sea, are the most alluring feature of this beautiful island. It has a unique view.

We basked in the sun here for a while. When we snorkelled in the sea, we realized that not only the island but also underwater is quite colorful and beautiful. They even organize underwater walking tours to be able to observe undersea. You wonder how? You wear a bell-shaped glass jar and start walking underwater with a group leader. That was an awesome experience for us, as well.

In order to have a little rest we drank our coctails made of coconut juice while watching that peaceful splendid view in the beach.

There are many peddlers around the island. They mostly sell products like pareos, hairpins and towels. In addition to selling products, peddlers also bring a different beauty and color to these snowwhite beaches.



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