Amsterdam, The City of Cannals

Amsterdam is named after River Armstel and is the capital of the Netherlands. The city known as the city of cannals, quite resembles to Venice. You can go to Amsterdam with Turkish Airlines or KLM’s flights in about 4 hours.

There are many options for accomodation and the hostels are plenty in here.

Amsterdam is a city which is below the sea level and is located around approximately 200 cannals. On the contrary to Istanbul, there is anything you can say “hill”. Because the city is small, you can either walk or hire a bicycle to go anywhere. If you like taking photos, Renaissance houses which are the symbol of the city are absolutely attrected to you.Amsterdam is a complete treasure of musems. There may be like more than 50 museums. Especially Van Gogh, Anna Franklin, Stedjik and Rijks Müzeleri is accompanied by influx of tourists every year. There are Dam Square, big shops and fornixes. You can see the fornixes called as Red Lighted Houses in Red Light District.

You can go to the Islands of East and new housing neighborhood, Ljburg through Waterlooplein Bazaar and Plantage Museum. The most important touristic places of Amsterdam are mostly in Southeastern Cannal Region. Jordaan’s society shops are on the west of the city center.

The street, which is a parallel to and is longer than Damrak Street, is the shopping street of Amsterdam. There are different shops appeal to different tastes. Moreover, there are a lot of braches of the same brand and they are all in business. Especially for the people who loves “club wear” and shoes, there are incredible oppurtunities out there.

One of the most interesting places in the city is the coffeeshops. Coffeeshops in the Netherlands are allowed to sell a little amounts of cannabis sativa and they are determined and excised in a way. In addition, coffeshops aren’t allowed to sell cannabis sativa to the people under 18, but are allowed to sell to adults 5 grams maximum. The heroin-like drugs cannot be sold in the city.

Amsterdam is a very amusing city with its theaters,  cafes, restaurants and crazy nights. Especially Paradiso and Melkgew are the most popular places of music and fun. You can go to Bitterzoot which is a club playing such as reggeae, hiphop etc.

When it comes to food, it is diffucult to mention about Amsterdam cuisine. We may be say that their seafoods are delicious. Apart from that, there are so many Italian, Chinese and French restaurants around here that you will have difficulty in deciding which one to go. Restaurant Greetje, Pont 13, Ankara Restaurant, D’vijff Vliegen, Dylan Amsterdam, La Rive, Cristophe and Cafe de Jaren are the places we suggest. And you should go to Amsterdam in May or in June. Because it is the best season for holiday and it is also the time when the festivals flow.