The coastline of Los Angeles is about 115 kilometers. For this reason, there are numerous beaches all along the ocean. Some of them are very popular. We travelled to one of these popular beaches; Santa Monica. It is a beachfront city which is located 25 km from Los Angeles.

The city of Santa Monica is famous for its large Ferris wheel which is located at Santa Monica Pier. Santa Monica became one of the most popular cities in California with its popular restaurants and vibrant nightlife.

Santa Monica Pier is the most populated or crowded part in the city. It is a large double-jointed pier that also includes Pacific Park which is an amusement park attractive especially for families with children. Many street performers amaze people with various activities.

The city of Santa Monica is home to exclusive art galleries that are mostly located between 9th and 10th street of Colorado Avenue. In addition to broad beaches and exclusive art galleries, Santa Monica is known for Third Street Promenade which is an upscale dining, shopping and entertainment complex. I suggest you to travel this car-free district on foot which is well-worth visiting with its street performers, trees pruned in dinosaur shape, elite shops, cinema and restaurants.

Santa Monica is inhabited by a large number of British origin people. This group is one of the largest British origin groups in the world.

We preferred to have dinner at a restaurant in Santa Monica Pier, and we had shrimp, crab legs and fried potatoes. They were all quite delicious. Besides, they served the beverages in lighted glasses, which was very interesting.

Venice Beach, located about 2 kilometers from Santa Monica, is mostly visited and inhabited by wealthy citizens of the US. Muscle Beach Venice is famous for its Venice Beach Weight Pen which is an outdoor gymnastic park where you can see a lot of muscular people. Tarot fortune-tellers, unicyclers, roller skaters and street performers lend color to Muscle Beach.  The people living in Venice Beach lead mostly Bohemian lifestyles.

When you headed towards south, you will reach Marina Del Rey which is the largest marina in Los Angeles. It is possible to take boat tours or fishing tours from this marina. I also recommend you to taste fish and seafood at a restaurant in Marina Del Rey.



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