Biggest Port City of Black Sea, Odessa – Part Two

Catherine Square is named after one of the founders of Odessa, the Big Catherine. On the square, there is the Monument of Duc de Richelieu. It is realized with its Old Roman style posture. You can see a lot of people lined in front of it. There is the same picture on all sides of the monument. One hand of the statue is up holding a bowl, there is money on another side. Firts, you touch the money then the bowl. It means that “have a fortune!” We did the ceremony,as well. It has got so many visitors that the point people touching was glittering as if it’s polished.

At the side of this statue which faces to sea, there are the famous Primorsky Stairs. Going up and down tires you down eventually. Which made us explore the traditional Ukranian cuisine in the Ukrains’ka Lasunka restaurant at the Deribovoskaya avenue.

Interior decoration of the restaurant is made like a traditional Ukranian village house. It has watermill, chicken in coops, everything. Employees are kind and likable. Only the serving is kind of slow. But if you are sitting outside, getting bored is out of the question. By watching the dancer girls on the balcony of Martini Pub’s 2nd floor, you don’t even realize that the time has passed.

The other options on the same street are the “Steak House” and “Fanconi.” Steak House serves American cuisine and the place is really elegant. Fanconi is just like the “Luca” in İstanbul. Sushis here are well done. We prefered Ukranian food.

For the ones that wants to follow through the night, Arcadia area is the place. It is around 50-70 grivnas from Deribasovkaya with a cab. But talking it out before the ride can come handy, because when you ask for Arcadia, they directly say it is 100 grivnas. But with a good deal, you can get it for 40.

It is logical to go to the night clubs in Arcadia before it is 24.00, because you could wait a really long queue after that to enter. The most popular ones are Ibizia and Itaka. Ibizia also has a nice beach that you can attend in the daytime.

Theres an antiques bazaar that gets set up in Sundays in Odessa. A very appealing place. There are lots of cars with their trunks open to the road  at the entrance of the bazaar. Some of them sell dogs, some of them sells pots, some chicken, some flowers… After a little walk we came by the area of antique dealers. It is nice to see, but you should not buy anything older than 50 years old because Ukranian government made up a law for the preservation of old products, and it is forbidden to take items older than 50 years old out of the country.

So we just checked for a while and went back to Catherina square. We stopped by a café to catch our breath and ate a famous dessert called Odessa Girl, made with apricot and cream. Absolutely delicous.

The Golden Child statue welcomed us when we went down to the docks. A little boy coming out of an egg, looking at his feet. Made out of bronze. People believe that their travels will be beautiful and successful if they touch the feet of this statue. As a travelloving group, we touched every inch of it, not just the feet.

From there, we headed to the park at the end of Deribovaskaya avenue. People are dancing a waltz with the recital that takes place in the park. Looks amazing.  Waltz looks good on everyone, the teenager or the 80er.

Our last route here was Chabanka, the Aquapark. This is the biggest closed aquapark of Europe. It is 30 kms from the city center. It is a 3 floor entertainment center. The main swimming pool is 424 m2 and 1.4 meters deep. The water is 28oC fixed, in winter and summer. A fun place but you don’t have to go if you have limited time or don’t have kids.

The Brandy Factory… This factory was the best wine factory of the old USSR and Europe. It stands in a valley. They told us the process of making champagne and brandy. And if you wish you can see the conservatory where the grapes are raised. Their presentation is very neat. You can taste 9 different kinds of cognac with fruits, biscuits and red caviare on the side. Really heavy liquor but enjoyable…



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