Borçka and Macahel

Borçka is a cute settlement by the River Çoruh, on the Artvin-Hopa way at the east point of the Blacksea Region. The area that came under the control of Russians after the Ottoman-Russian war in between 1877-78, had been under the invasion of British and Georgians after the WWI. It became a part of Ottoman land in 1921 and became a province in 1928.

Most of the wooden houses here are left from the Russian era and are completely in harmony with nature.

The county is covered with forests and mountains all around. Because it has no agricultural land people had headed for education. That is why educational level is very high. There is a minimum amount of tea and nuts produced in the county.

The most important touristic points of the Borçka that is located on a steep hill that was riven by the River Çoruh are, Camili-Macahel, Karagöl, Borçka and Muratlı dams. Borçka is also famous for its Karakovan Honey. It is worth seeing the Muratlı and Düzköy Mosques with their wooden architecture.

The important lake of the county is the Karagöl(Black Lake) located near Aralık Village. Salmon fish lives in the 50.000 m2 broad lake. You can digest this magnificent view with a boat tour you can take in this lake in between the pine trees on the skirts of the mountains. Red Spotted Salmon should be tasted here. The Yıldız Lake on the skirts of Karçal Mountains is the second lake of the county.

Macahel of the Borçka county, also known as Camili, is a hidden paradise. At this settlement on the Georgian border, border goes through the village. Some of the houses are left in the Turkish, some of them are left in the Georgian border. The 3.400 meters high Karçal mountains make the natural border of Macahel. A magnificent nature with thhe glacial lakes, plateaus, natural forests, waterfalls, historical archway bridges on the foggy mountains.

The county is very rich in terms of fishing (salmon), and hunting tourism (bear, boar, jackal, fox, wolf, chamois, bobcat and such). The Karçal Mountains at the east of the county is very suitable for mountain tourism.

Because Gorgit Plateau has a nature that has not been touched by man, it was included in the Human and Biosphere Reserve project of UNESCO. The Gorgit Plateau is the first and only bioshpere area of Turkey and one of the 22 in the world. It has lead the ecotourism to increase recently.



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