The Border Between German and Latin World, Brussels

Because our time was limited in Brussels, we decided to take a city tour bus for a pre-exploration. The first point is the church that resembles the Notre Dame in Paris. It was restored by the royal family. It was built in 16th century and has a wide garden across it.

After that, we head to the meeting point, the stairs, called Bourse. The young population comes together to drink and socialize here at night. It is also a place that houses a lot of public meetings. We advanced throug the way in between beautiful buildings.

After that, we headed to the Royal Palace. It is built in 13th century, and restored after getting bombed by France in 1695. Still in use and has a beautiful garden. Now, some part of it is being used as city museum. Open everyday, 10.00 – 17.00, except Mondays. Entrance fee is about 2.5 euros.

The most colorful things to see in this museum is the costumes of Manneken Pis. The other important point is the model of Brussels city. The surprising thing is, there is a river in the model, but not in the city. Because it reeked, they filled it up in 19th century. And of course the model was built before it, so they let it stay that way.

Than we arrived at Margitte Museum, which is also connected to Royal Palace. Opened in June 2, 2009 in the memory of Rene Margitte (1898-1967), surrealist artist from Belgium. Entrance fee is 8 euros. But if you buy a combine ticket for this and the fine arts museum, you pay 13 for both. Fine arts museum mostly includes art pieces from 15th-18th century Netherlands, and other Belgian artists.

From there, we went to the Justice Palace, which is 175 meters tall. This palace, which was having a recondition at the time we were there, is placed on the highest point of the city.  Right next to it, there is a memorial of  WW2.

And we have seen the Europan Parliament building. There is a bridge which connects the two buildings and symbolizes peace. Embassies are placed on this avenue. Belgium is one of the first countries to join the EU.

There is a big monument and a park, had made by the king in 1880 to celebrate the independence of Belgium. It is called Cinquantenaire Park. The military museum and the art museum is also in this region.

After that we came to the Schuman building, which is a present from Europan Commission to Belgium. The name is taken from the French Minister of Foreign Affairs Robert Schuman. The reason is that keystones of the European Union are basically based on The Europen Caol and Steel Community. On May 9, 1950 French Minister of Foreing Affairs Robert Schuman had suggested a plan about building an organ to inspect the production of coal and steel and opening this partnership to the other European countries and the cooperation of United Nations. Robert Schuman had established the European Coal and Steel Community and made an effort on establishment of the United States of Europe. His suggestion had been considered as “ an important step about the European integrity” and the Schuman Plan had been approved by Western German, French, Belgian, Dutch, Luxemburg and Italian Ministers of Foreign Affairs in Paris Conference. That agreeement became the first foundation of European Union.

Afterwards on this road, there is Colombus Monument built in 1830. It symbolizes the first king. The statues under it represents the freedom of belief, body and soul.

We headed to China Town,which is known as its shopping malls, from there. Form there we reached to Atomium which became one of the symbols of Brussels. It resembles to a space station.

After going out from Atomium, we passed over to Mini Europe. It is a museum like place where there are miniatures of 27 countries of European Union and it is really a mini Europe.  

We got on the bus from here again and ate a delicious meal in a restaurant at the main square.

There are many artists in Brussels streets doing their thing.

There are Novotel and Ibıs Hotels near to the main subway center. It is a very central place to stay. We went through Manneken Pis and we entered into a cafe across. Its name is Poechenellekelder. Its decoration is very interesting and there are a good many kind of beers here. Especially their fruit flavored beers are real taste.

Cycling is very common in here but it cannot be compared to the Netherlands.

We got into a street like Nevizade in Istanbul for dinner. In this cheerful street, we ate in Chez Lion. It is one of the oldest restaurants in Belgium. The food is zestful.

At the end of the street, there is a shop called Beer Planet. There are different beers having 13%-14% of alcohol rate. The most preferred beers are Westvleteren, Orval, Kwak, Delirium Tremens and Westmalle.



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