Brussels: Atomium and Mini Europe

The market with a WELCOME sign on it was getting built just at the time we arrived. On every letter, history of Belgium since 1830 is summed. Entrance fee was 11 euros.

Atomium became a signature of Brussels. It has a big piece of the cake in international tourism. Hosting lots of fairs and organizations. After the renovation done in 2006, 5 out of 9 orbs was opened to public. The orbs are attached to each other via 20 pipes and the stairs inside them. The shortest joint has 87 steps and the longest has 164. Expo 58, the 5th World fair, had taken place in Brussels. At the 50th anniversary of this fair, they built this building in the memory of it.  15.000 workers had worked for the building for 3 years. This structure represents future and universality. It resembles a space station.

At the top of the Atomium, there is a small but classy restaurant and the city view is perfect from here. When the weather is clear, it provides a view up to Antwerp. We see the Mini Europe from the top of this building.

After leaving Atomium, we headed to Mini Europe. Entrance fee was 13 euros. It is sort of like the Miniaturk in Turkey.

It really is a mini Europe, made of the minimised markets of 27 EU countries. Everything is so carefully made. Trains going up and down from the rails, bells of churches tingling, moving bulls in the bullfight area, gondolians in Venice, dolphins jumping around the boats, everything is very detailed and thought through. In front of every country, there is a button which plays the national anthem of that country. We tried to chose the next country we were going to visit when walking around here. You should certainly visit here.



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