Calm And Green Geneva - Part Two

It’s possible to go to the old city with trainlike transports which do sightseeing. As the city is already small, I preferred discovering it on foot. The city is small; green everywhere,; the traffic is not dense and you almost don’t hear any horns. People of Geneva completely follow the rules. The intracity speed limit is 60kms/h. Therefore, the city is seemed as if it is in some kind of slow motion. The trolleys and the buses are always being used for transportation.

The most famous street of the city is Rue de Marche. It is quite wide and has a trolley rail in the middle. On both sides of the street stand luxury shops and classy restaurants. The brands such as Gucci, Ferre, Bvlgari, Rolex line up through this street.

As Geneva has a cosmopolitan population, it is possible to find a mouth-pleasing restaurant. But, the local people in Geneva are more keen on their traditional food. Their top traditional foods are Filets de Perche, Longeole and a vegetable salad called Cardons. Steak fillet and meat products also are very common; and they cook them with cream and wine gravies. The foods made with cabbage are preferred. And also Swiss Fondue comes with the territory; but it is a little overeating. Deli products have an important place in Swiss cuisine.

There are a lot of vineyards in and around Geneva. The most famous wines are Gamay and Chasselas.

Genevre also provides you with different oppourtunities for fun. The western shore of the city is a bit more live in this sense. You see lots of bars and pubs. You can sip your drink by the company of light music. It is very difficult to find an empty spot in these bars and pubs, they’re crowded in every minute of the day.

If you want to shake it with the music high enough to wake the dead, you should see the biggest night club of Europe: Macumba. There are different styles of night clubs and two restaurants in the Macumba.

People of Geneva are keen on not only sports but also on music. There are a good many of art galleries, concert areas and 35 theaters. They feature opera and dance performances, recitals, concerts and, occasionally plays. In the Grand Theatre, many opera and ballet performances are exhibited.

Before yo turn back to your own country, yo should buy a wartch from Geneva. The most known shopping centers are watch sellers are Mahara MHR Montres, Yvon Desbiolles, Les Ambassadeurs and Vacheron Constantin...



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