Cathedrale of Monreale and Cefalu

Cathedral of Monreale is one of the most important buildings to see in Palermo. We went there right away after our breakfast in the second day of our Palermo trip.

The cathedral, with its two towers, had been built by Norman King William the 2nd. The construction of it had started in 1721 and ended in 1182. It is a beautiful example of the unity of  Arab and Norman architecture.

The inside of the cathedral was decorated with mosaics from the floor to the ceiling by Byzantine masters. The mosaics at the right side of the cathedral describes the life before Christ, and the left side describes the life after Christ. Adam, Eve, Noah and many other important figures were represented with mosaics here. They were done in Byzantine style. There is no depth, and they are gold foil oriented. The bible is visualised with the mosaics at the left side.

We went to the Cefalu town, which is on a steep hill, next to Tiren sea. It is still a part of Palermo province. It is a cute fishing town with narrow streets.

Phoenicians are also the founder of Cefalu. After them, the town went under the control of Greece, than Rome. Cefalu, had the same fate with Palermo. It was invaded by Arabs in 858 and than by Normans later.

Cathedral of Cefalu is an important cathedral for Sicly. It had got built by King Ruggerio in the years of 1131-1240.

After seeing the cathedral, we proceeded through the narrow stone streets. They took us directly to the shore.

Buildings that run perpendicular to the sea, a very long beach, and fishermen, welcomed us.

We had a delicious meal in a small fish restaurant in this town and hit the the road to Mondello, another fishing town.



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