Chichen Itza and The Offerings To The Gods

Chichen Itza, is an incredible area of ruins belonging to the Mayan and Toltek Civilizations. It gained its place among the world heritage sites. Chiche Itza means the well top of the Itza’s. The most significant structure here is the El Castillo, aka the Kukulan Temple which was built in 600 A.D. by the mayans, and was later renovated and reconstructured with additions in 1200 A.D. by the Toltecs.

Pyramid was constructed like an astronomic calendar. Every four sides of the structure depict another season. On each side, there are 91 steps, which in total makes up for 364 steps. There is also the altar at the top, which makes up for 365, equaling to the days in a year.

They built the temple accordingly to the equinox times at 21th of March and 23th of September, so that the sunlight will be reflected inside through the holes on the walls. There are 9 levels going to the top of the structure on all four sides. The Kukultan, feathered snake railing go all the way to the top of the structure. With both of its heads looking to the ground. The altar at the top if the place where the sacrifices were made.

They built a temple once in every 52 years.

This ruins sight is also home to the Warrior’s temple, Cacoon Platform, Eagle Platform, the famous game area where the ball games were held. The marketplace with the 1000 columns (of which 168 remains), The Mercada, Hot Bathhouse, Manor of the Arch Cleric, The deer House, Crimson House, Caradal the Observatory, Panolu Temple, Priestess Temple, Xtolok well and the Holy Well just 274 meters away from the pyramid. There is also a platform where old skulls are laid on top of each other. It is truly an amazing place.

The Holy well was a place of sacrifice where people were thrown in to appease the gods. According to another tale they would throw beautiful virgin girls inside with jewelries and accessories on them to appease the rain god.

On a golden disk that was pulled out of this well,it depicts the tale of two Toltek warriors assaulting two Mayans that are trying to escape.

Since they thought that the Sun god İnti fed on human blood, they would sacrifice people on the altar at the top of the pyramid with obsidian blades by cutting out their hearts. All these ceremonies, ball games their details and such are depicted on the walls.

After leaving Chichen Itza behind, we head for Cancun. We arrive to the Ik-ıl well that is close to the Chichen Itza. I can say that it was a very impressive sight. A well of 30 meter width. When looking from the top it is 40-50 meters below. The waters fall down from the top at certain intervals. We feel like walking through a Tarzan movie. The surrounding area of the well is filled with rocks and caves. This well is deemed holy by the Mayans. The water is of a sparkling green color. Since the surrounding area is filled with green lush terrain, they mentioned that it gained this color from the soil. There are people and fishes swimming inside.



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