City Exploratıon: Doha

After an early breakfast, we headed straight to the Islamic Artwork Museum. It is open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. They didnt take an entrance fee.It is on the corniche, and rather close to the Pier. It has been open since the year 2000. You can find pieces of art and expressions from the beginning of the Muslim history to today. The oldest piece in the museum is from 9th century.

We leave the museum and walk throughout the corniche. With the pier to our right,there are boats here called “Dhows”,that you can take meal-trip’s on them if you desire.

Otherwise you go to the other end of the corniche,take the boat near the Sheraton Hotel, and head to the Palm Tree Island that is inside the gulf. It costs 5 dollars per person. Although,dont even think about going for a swim on the island, since the waste dispension coming from construction sites of skyscrapers and other structures,head directly to the sea, and since the corniche is covered by breakwater sets, the hygiene here is questionable. Still the choice is yours. If you insist on going for a swim in Doha, I can recommend the beaches of Sheraton or the Continental Hotel. Furhermore since the beach of the continental is located outside the corniche, the water is even clearer there,with great sand and great view. The entrance fee? Rather reasonable... 40 liras per person. Now you might think “ok so the entrance fee is 40 liras... but I am sure I am going to get scammed inside with food and beverage”. Luckily, there is no such thing. A single can of coke is 4 liras. A beer is 7 liras, Margarita, Sex on the beach style coctails are around 8-9 liras. In this particular beach club, the customers consist of international workers,not locals. When you are sunbathing it is very common to hear Spanish to your right, Japanese to your left and Chinese to your side along with Indian and English. What is going on? Where are we? Wasnt this an arabic country? People with bikini’s and hasema’s at the same beach. Yet they have utmost respect for each other, nobody says a word to the other or acts judgemental. Oh and the crime rate? ZERO percent.

No point in turning to a crisp, we leave the beach around 4:00 pm and take a short photo break in the Giant Oister, located on the corniche. The most prominent business here, before the oil was founded in 1940’s,was pearl hunting and fishing. The pearl’s are incredibly cheap here. We decided on the black pearls and got a 33-stoned rosary and paid 10 dollars for it. If you were to ask for the same item in the Grand Bazaar, you ‘d probably have to add another zero to the back of that number. While touring the Korniche, dont pass on the Al Bidda Park, aka Rumeilah Park. This spot is especially crowded on fridays and at the evenings. With a small amphetheater inside, they built the place as a small traditional town. Merchants selling local handcrafts also gives the place a richer vibe.

You will notice the different architecture rising near the old town. This is the National Museum,which is the Etnographia Museum. It is also known as the Wind Tower Home. It is the largest museum of not only Doha but all Qatar. It’s architecture is made up of telescoped walls like a spire. There are 2 sections in the Museum; one side is a traditional Museum with displays and the other part is the Aquarium. This place received the Aga Khan prize after the renovation process. A display of the transformation of Doha life style is also available in the Museum side. Other than that there are traditional clothes, jewels, old palace architecture and national treasures. The Entrance fee is 1,5 dollars.



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