A City Hiding Behind It's Walls...Campeche

In Mexico you have to go through border controls when traveling through provinces. We took part in an occurence when going from Palenque to Campeche. An official with a detector like rod in his hands, walked just near our ride. If the rod he is holding turns it’s head to us they search to car to the brink. Hopefully it didn’t , or we would have lost tons of time. Still they searched the cars just in front of us. The poor official has to walk up and down the road constantly. It was a very interesting sight.

Campeche is on the list of World Heritage Sights of Unesco. This place is a lot more clceaner and pleasant compared to the other Mexican cities. The city is covered in walls just like Rodos.

In 1520 the Spanish conquered this land. This area is valuable to it’s cocoa, tobacco trophical fruits and vegetables and most importantly it’s precious mines. It has a great trade life due to this. This trade richness watered the mouths of the French, English, and the portugese. They assault this place with the purpose of taking it. So to defend itself against it’s attacks the city is surrounded with walls. The old city area that lies inside the said walls is astounding. Generally Spanish architecture style is common in the city. 16th century collonial structures with blue,yellow and pink. Most of the 2 story houses are decorated with wrought iron fences.

Our hotel in Campeche is just by the ocean...Hotel Del Mar... They have great walking routes going through the beach, just like a coastline.

For the locals living here, the equinox times in which the day and night times are equal, are of great importance. We witnessed this important day in 21th of march. The churches are full to the brim on the equinox days. They placed a statue of Jesus on a wooden surface, and they tour this statue all over the city. The whole city has the air of a festival at this time.

The pavements in Campeche are lightened from the floor. Most of the city has nice tramway’S around it, in which you can tour the city. The city itself is rather tiny, so it is easy to walk around. The church square and the environment is very lively. The avenues near the church square is just like the Çiçek Avenue in Taksim. Everyone is eating,drinking and having fun. After spending some time here, we bid farewell to this tiny but very cute city, and return to our hotel to get some rest for the next day.



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