The City Of Kashan Famous For Its Spectacular Mansions

With a population of 300.000, Kashan is one of the most beautiful cities in Central Iran. The city was once an important center of prophecy. It is said that the city of Kashan was the place of birth of three prophet kings that heralded the birth of Jesus.

Kashan is famous for its hand-woven carpets and large mansion-like houses. Six mansions have been restored and opened to visit. The Tabatabaeis House is one of the most popular mansions in the city. This large and impressive mansion was built by a carpet merchant from Tabriz for his Turkish wife.

The mansion was built on an area of 4.700 square meters in 1834, and it consists of 40 rooms and 200 doors. Its stained-glass windows and mirror decorations are absolutely gorgeous. The historic house was designed by Ustad Ali Maryam.

After designing the Tabatabaei House, Ustad Ali Maryam also designed the Borujerdis’ House in 1857. The Borujerdis’ House was built for the bride of Haji Mehdi Borujerdui who was a wealthy merchant.

The house consists of a rectangular and large courtyard, and three 40-meter wind towers. These wind towers helped cool the house. The construction of the house lasted 18 years and employed 150 people. Its interior design is quite impressive as well.

The Ameris’ House is a worthseeing house especially for its terrace offering a spectacular view. The view of Kashan and minarets with tile was very beautiful.

Abbasian House, located near the Tabatabaei House, was built in the late 18th century and it is famous for its mirrors and mosaic decorations.

All of the houses (or mansions) in Kashan include large courtyards, pools, and water channels. Besides, the door handles are quite interesting in this city: one wing of the door has a handle for men while the other wing of the door has for women.

The shape and sound of each door handle is different so the house owner could get if the guest is a man or a woman.

Fin Garden (Bagh-e Fin) is another must-see place in the city of Kashan.

The Fin Garden, surrounded by water channels, includes the Fin Bath where Amir Kabir was murdered by an assassin.

The entrances are separate for men and women. Amir Kabir was an important chancellor who made many reforms in Iran.

As these reforms bothered some people in those years, Amir Kabir was exiled to Kashan and was murdered in this bath.