City Tour In Krakow

There are tiny electric cars taking off near the Florian Gate. You can tour the city on these cours. We agreed with a young lady driving one of these. They organised it so well that after agreeing on the price, your driver will insert a tape and the city tour begins. When you stop at points of interests, the driver will point to it and press the button on the tape.Then an english introduction about the point of interest will be given by an announcer through the tape. Once it ends, driver pushes the stop button and you continue on your way to the next one.

Our drivers are generally male. Here in Warsaw, it is mostly women. Especially the carriage drivers are all women. Perhaps after the war era, since there was a shortage of men, women took up tools and tried their hand at every profession, and thus this continued onwards through generations. Also the horse shoes are rather high. I nicknamed them horse heels.

Our driver was Anna. Anna is 23 years old, newly engaged but she is actually studying Statistics in the Faculty. She is also doing part time driving to compensate some of her summer-class fee’s. Since rents are more manageable a bit out of town, she lives 35 km’s out of the city. We stopped on certain parts to take a few pictures, when we returned we would find Anna reading a book. I asked her what she was reading, apparently a spanish tourist gifted her an English book about Andalusia. “I didnt have the opportunity to travel so far, but I meet with a lot of tourists doing this job and my desire to see other countries keeps getting higher... I am still studying for now, but once I get a job first thing Ill do will be traveling!” were her words.



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