Country of Motorcycles, Vietnam

Vietnam has a population of 85 million people. It covers an area of 331,000 km2 and its shape is like the letter “s” and looks like a dragon. Some people think that it looks like two baskets carrying on Vietnamese people’s shoulders.

People living in Vietnam called Viets. 80% of the population in Vietnam is Buddhist. The other common religion is Taoism. Confucius movement is also quite common.

Viet people have been living here for about 2500 years. Vietnam had gone under the domination of China in 2BC. So, they called themselves southerners of China. Until 1000AC, they had stayed as a colony of China.

Even if per capita income seems to be $3,500 in Vietnam, which is one of the developing countries in the world, the real number is about $730. Even though it is now developing, the people were very poor. They were trying to make out with a bowl of rice. Despite all the poverty, they were very smiling. They were living together in peace. There was no quarrel, no fighting and noise.

The only thing made noise here was the sound of the horns like in other Asian countries. They were using them too much. You could see cars going the opposite way in highways. Even if there were traffic rules in written, people weren’t obey them in practice.

Yearly number of the tourists came to Vietnam is 3,5 million people. To increase this number, they make a lot of investment on tourism. The other developed sectors of them are textile and industry. The brands such as Nike and Adidas are manufactured here. They have enough oil to meet their needs.

The rivers in Vietnam have a big role in transportation. The transportation is made through rivers.

Vietnam is the first in pepper export in the world and the second in rice export. Unemployement rate in the country is not very high, it’s about 2%. But the people have still difficulties because the salaries are very low.

Vietnam coffee is world-famous. It is called Vizul and it means weasel. It is also known as Copy Luvak. This coffee is the most expensive coffee in the world. They maket he weasel eat this coffee and when the animal defecates, they process the coffee again.

The most consumed food is rice in Vietnam, which is the second place in exporting. They always eat rice in every meal. There are also snacks. But these snacks are actually fried bugs. They eat fried black beetle,  silk worm, grasshooper, tarantula spider. Actually, we couldn’t dare to try. But these bugs are rich in protein.

Vietnam has big film sector, which appeals to Asia. There are many Vietnamese films shooting.

Western interest to Vietnam has started around 16th century. They had been under the domination of Portugese first, and of Holland next and of French at last.

In the 19th century, French and English had a battle in Mekong Delta, but they were unable to defeat each other and  made an agreement for making Thailand as a buffer zone. That’s why Thailand has become an Asian country which has never been colonized.

French colonization movement had continued until 1845. But, it had been invading until 1945 when the Second World War broke. They had retreated because Japanese were considered defeated. After then, Vietnamese people had started an independence war. In 1954, French were defeated despite all the support from the USA.

And this time America wasn’t happy about the situation. So, they divided Vietnam into two: the North (Communist) and the South (Capitalist). Then they supported the South and attacked the Northern Vietnam together.

In 1959, there happened a very tragic war. It lasted 16 years and ended in 1975 with American’s accepting their defeat. After the war, the Northern Vietnam went into the Southern part and got the capital city of Vietnam, Saigon. They gave the name of their hero to the city Saigon, Ho Chi Ming.

Vietnam is really a unique country, which has to be seen, with its nature and history.



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