From Dibrava Into Dubrovnik

People of Dubrovnik had first settled in the area called Epiderium, which is 15-20 kms away from the current settlement, in 7th Century. Croatians had lived here with the Romans for a while. Then, they had ran away through Dıbrava. In a while, Dıbrava had changed from Dıbrava into Dubrovnik.

In the city of Dubrovnik, city walls surrounding the old city area has been built in 13th century. The length of the walls is about 2 kilometers.

First, the Byzantines had conquered this area. Then, Venetians had domineered the area up to 1358. Upto the Battle of Mohács, the area had been helded by the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Back then, Dubrovnik governement had asked permission from the Pope to trade with Muslims. After the Pope’s permission, the only city managed to trade with Muslims has became Dubrovnik.

In the old times, the statue of the defender of the city had been built on the entrance doors. There is Saint Vlaha on the entrance in Dubrovnik. Saint Vlaha had been defending the city in that time.

Saint Vlaha had been killed for his acceptance of Christianity in 3rd Century. His bones had been brought from Sivas to Dubrovnik in 10th Century. Saint Vlaha was also the god of ilnesses related to throat. On every 3rd of January, his arm and leg bones had been taken out from the grave and buried again. In that period,  everyone had been praying for recovery.

In 1667, there happened a massive earthquake in Dubrovnik. All buildings collapsed; only the church could stand. While renovating the city, buildings had been built in Baroque style.

The other thing being interesting to me is Quarantine building. In old times, the merchants came to the city has been quarantined for 40 days and then they were allowed to go in.

The war had begun in December 1991. Serbs has been bombed the city 800 times. Therefore, a big fire had outbroken. The photos havin been taken by the photographer “ Pavo Urban” is being exhibited in the War Museum.



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