A Dream City Praha – Part Two

The first thing that attracted you in Prag will be the beauty of the old buildings. Every floor were different in style of windows. 80% of the buildings had been built in that way. It is called “Roman-arabesque” style.

The other thing was the nails on the edgy sides of the buildings. It had been done to prevent doves to perch themselves here and piss on it.

We saw Charles Bridge from the top and got down to his side. It is the most important bridge on River Vlatava. It had been built in 1359 and there were so many people that sell cardpostals and playing music. And there was also a crazy man of the bridge. He resembled himself to the devil and he was painting his own pictures by changing his face in weird way. It’s strange that the paintings were being sold.

The tower of this bridge was still stand after all those wars, rebels and natural disasters.It was a car-free zone and there was a wish stone on this bridge. You put your left hand on the stone and your right foot on the iron part below. Then you make a wish. You don’t tell the wish to anybody. Otherwise, it doesn’t come true. But after your first wish came true, you have the right for another wish.

It was delightful watching the river upon the bridge. Even if it wasn’t shiny, a lot of swans and mallards made it colourful.

Tripping on the river was another option and entering the pools which were built on the river was also interesting. You may prefer the boats in front of the Hotel Intercontinental. We went to our trip at night.

Jewish Quarter between River Vlatava and The Old City Square was one of the important places to be seen. Because the oldest synagogue in Europe was here. It wasn’t such a magnificent place but it was the first to be built. It was a beautiful area with old Jewish houses, clock towers, Jewish museum and Jewish graveyard. You can find a lot of books and brochures about Jewish people and handmade things. You can use your Jewish Museum ticket for entering all of the synagogues free in this area.

There were a lot of different museums in Prag. Mummy museum, Fossil Museum, Traditional Arts Museums, Torture Museum, Communism Museum… If you have time, I recommend you to visit especially Fossil Museum.

You can go up to the television tower in Prag by paying petty price and you can see Prag panaromically. And now This place was the most crucial point of Prag. The old city square and the astronomic clock tower in this square. When you get to the tourism information office, this is the fisrt place you should mark.

This clock shows not only the time but also the positions of the Earth and the Sun. The clock which was made in 13th century, is actually consists of three clocks. First one shows the time, second one shows the zodiac time and the last one is astrological clock which uses the constellion. There are some symbols on the sides of the clock. For example, skeleton symbolizes death, a man looking into the mirror symbolizes arrogance, a man in Ottoman clothes symbolizes self indulgence, a man with a book symbolizes justice. The craftsman who made this clock was made blind after finishing the clock. The bells ring in every our and the puppets of the saints are waited by the tourists.

There were very elegant cafes in the old city square. But the backstreets are still waiting to be discovered. You can hear very different sounds from every street. There were especially quite a lot of Jazz cafes here.  The cafes play live Jazz. You can try delicious beers in these cafes. Especially the black ones are too easy to drink.

Or you can get a warm wine from the stalls and watch the people, the view from there.

There were also many restaurants that you can listen local sounds and watch local dances. Also, you can get the opportunity to taste traditional relish. The most common meals of Prag are especially rabbit and duck. They are usually served undercooked.

Don’t forget to buy a puppet for yourself and to get their national drink Becherovka which is based on Karlovy Vary natural flavor!



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