Dubai is a civilization created in the middle of a desert. It makes a strong impression with its skyskrapers rising up in the air through seaside and modern architectural buildings. It is also a port of call for many tourists because it is locate don the passing point.

Dubai has a serious oil income. But they were aware of it’ll be vanished one day. All the effort is for changing Dubai into a shopping city and not losing any income. So, there has been building new shopping malls day by day.

We were in Mall of Emirates which was one of those shopping malls. The reason why we preferred coming here in the evening was that there was a dancing pool right in front of the mall.

Mall of Emirates was one of the biggest shopping malls in Dubai. There was also a big ski track in it. That’s the power of money. They had not only built a gorgeus city in the middle of a desert, but they had  also made a giant track in it. It was really stunning. I enjoyed skiing here while the outside was almot 29-30oC. It was almost as the same as the real one even if it was an aritificial snow. And it was considerably quite a long track for a shopping mall.

We went to the pool side just before the pool dance started. The water show in the pool started at 7 pm. and displayed at every hour. We watched an amazing water dance thanks to the hundreds of fountains accompanied with different music. It was really worth-seeing; water’s dance with such wiggly and different colours was quite nice.

Right nex to us, there was Burj Khalifa rising, which is the tallest building in the world. It was exactly 828 meters. Its construction had been done in 2009. On the entrance floor, there was Armani Hotel.

Mall of Emirates was so big that they put touchscreens on specific spots. You put the shop which you wish to go and it gives you a detailed description on a map. Because trying to find the one you look by just walking around was completely impossible here. There was also an aquarium in it even if it was not like the one in the Atlantis. There were sharks, rays and many other kinds of fish in here.

Even though it is a Muslim country, they didn’t ignore ornamenting the mall with giant Christmas trees and snowflakes and they even put polar bears pulling sledges. There was a complete Christmas mood because we got there in the end of December.  Arab women in hijabs were walking through one shop to another. They just never gave their flamboyancy. Their purses and shoes were all of Gucci.



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 1982 yılında İstanbul’da doğdum. İlk ve orta öğretimini Sinop’ta gördükten sonra, lise eğitimi için İstanbul’a yerleştim.