From El Sumidero to San Cristobal

We fly to Tuxtla, the capital city of Chipas province from the Mexico City via plane. After a 45 minute bus ride, we reach the El sumidero canyon, and start our boat ride. First of all , we wear our safety jackets. While touring with the boat, we see many eagles, vultures, birds of different kinds, bats, and monkeys, and of course lots and lots of alligators. When you see the alligators , you realize that hese safety jackets are just for show, since if anything were to happen to the boat we’d be before anyone could do anything. The canyon is very steep and impressive. There is also the cave of Kristof Kolomb inside. After our trip in the canyon, we head to the San Cristobal.

This palce is very similar to the city of Trinidad in Cuba. There are many nice looking boutique hotels, many of which are inside their own yards. Mexicans performing local tunes inside the city, along with the merchant stalls give a great vibe to the city.

Most of the merchant ladies are very fat and short. Walking on this square and the narrow avenues it is connected to gave us great pleasure.

We reach the gates of the old church. The exterior of the church was crafted like a lacework. Incredibly amazing. The marketplace in front of the church is also very colorful and nice.

We tour 2 more churches here. One of them is the Fatima Church left from the 18th century. The Jesus statue inside is black. I do not know if they represented him in that way, due to the population being colored in general as well.

There is a large amount of amber in San Cristobal. Naturally the place is filled with amber stores. After touring the Amber museum here, we spent our afternoon on visiting the surrounding villages.



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