Following On Gaudi's Tracks, Barcelona - Day 3

This is our 4th day in Spain but our 3rd day in Barcelona. Since yesterday we were at the largest city of Mayorka Island Palma. We reached to Palma with a one hour trip from Vueling Airways. It is also possible to get to the island via ferry as well but the trip lasts for 6 hours.

We enjoyed sun and the sea along with visiting the historical remains of the Fenicians, Greeks, Kartacans, Ottomans, the Arabs and the European Catholics.

Well back to our 3rd day in Barcelona. We start our tour with another masterpiece of Gaudi the Casa Battlo. This is a very peculiar house that Gaudi designed but to be honest this doesn’t feel as impressive as the Casa Mila we saw yesterday.

After Casa Battlo we part ways with the ladies in the group since me and my buddy Mesut will be visiting the shrine of the Barcelona F.C. the Nou Camp stadium, while the ladies will be the most interesting park of Barcelona the Park Guel. Naturally I will be sharing my experience of the Nou Camp, and we ll be listening the Park Guell info from the ladies.

The Nou Camp stadium is one of the largest stadiums in terms of it’s capacity. This is a must see for those who have a passion for football. Since nearly all of the famous football stars played right here in this stadium. When you see the line at the entrance of the stadium you can’t help but wonder if there is a match going on. After a half hour of waiting, we enter and pay 19 euros for our tickets.

It is like a match day, you have to wait 30 minutes to get inside the the stadium just to visit the museum. First you go through a museum in which the cups and awards the club won are displayed, and then the locker rooms, press rooms, the bleachers the corridors the players use when entering or exiting the stadium. It truly is very impressive. The income the club gains from the visitors and the tourists must be a lot higher than most of our clubs in Turkey gains in a year from selling jerseys and club products, since the stadium is always open for visitors unless there is a match and nearly 5000 people visit it daily.

After our tour of the stadium we meet with the ladies at Las Ramblas. One of the spots you shouldn’t return before visiting in Las Ramblas is the Mercat de Sant Josep aka the “La Boqueria”. This is a fresh fruit market but nearly all the fruits that are grown throughout the world are sold here. All the fruits are fresh, clean and orderly.

After getting some fresh fruits, we go back to the Bari Gotik, the old town. We tour the Barcelona Cathedral and take a small break at one of the nearby cafés. The evening sets after Las Ramblas and the Bari Gotik, and we have to leave this evening , so we head to the Sants Train station via the 21:00 train and find our compartment.. Our compartment has 4 beds, and even a tiny little sink. While having an enjoyable conversation and drinking coffee in the dining car, weobserve the nice view from the windows.  We hop on to our beds afterwards , and continue onwards in our journey to Granada.