Food and Shopping In Madrid

The most famous shopping malls of Madrid, and Spain is the El Corte Ingles chain stores. These malls are open from 10:00 to 21:30 everyday. You can find not only the spanish brands here, but brands from all over the world. Things you can find here include clothing, accesories, leatherworks, furniture, gardening tools, electronics, cosmetics, toys, sports tools, jewelry, etc.

Especially for the ladies, the shoes are very low in cost with a large scale in choice. Things you might want to buy in Madrid include ceramics, textile products such as rugs and blankets, traditional Matador clothing and/or Flamenco apparel.

The longest living dictator in the world, Franco, sustained his reign in Madrid for 30 years.

For madridians and the Spanish, food is a great way of depicting their culture.

Cafe’s fill with spanish people talking loudly and in a fast manner right after the siesta. Madrid is not only a large European City, but also has the arabic touch at it’s soul in certain points. With it’s instruments and apparel the Flamenco dance, the bull fights,it’s passion for football, along with it’s warm friendly mediterranian people, this city is definitely worth visiting.



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