Ireland and The History

The history of Ireland started with Celts, in 6th century BC. Celts, the people of northern countries, have created many independent kingdoms here. Law and religion is very important in Celtic culture. In 432 AD, Saint Patrick came here as a missionary and christianized this society until 465 with peaceful ways.

This area was attacked by Vikings in 795. In 9th century, Vikings built a castle on Liffey, and they set up the Dubh – Linn (Black Pond) city.

In 988, Irish Kings, united under Brian Boru, banished the Vikings to the north of Liffey. After this, Vikings started to lose their importance in this area and got mixed up in the population. In 1038, Irish built the Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin.

In 1170, Norms came, and in 14th century, they ruled the bigger part of the country and made Dublin the capital.

In the year of 1534, Henry the 8th took action to establish the English rule again. At first he tried the peaceful ways, but started getting violent when it was not enough. In this era, Irish rebelled against English many times, but never succeeded. In 1801, Ireland joined the England.

There was a great scarcity in between 1845 – 1848. This was called the Potato Famine. The main food of poor, potato, was diseased in 1845. As the local tour guide tells, English enjected virus to potatoes to cause the famine. After it was over in 1848, there was one million people dead, and another million immigrated. At the ends of 19th century, half of the Irish people were gone.

The weird thing is, while there was corn, flour, lamb, beef and other food, the poor population could not have them.

In the second half of 19th century, as a political leading force, a Catholic middle class appeared and kept on chasing the independence movement of Ireland.

In 1919, Sinn Fein, moved his party to the parliament. But instead of going to London, they established an Irish Parliament.

Ireland seperated in two as the North and the South. North Ireland have become dependant on England while the South earned its independence in 1921. Became an independent dominion in the British Commonwealth of Nations.

The republic of Ireland was found in 1938. The first president Douglas Hyde had cut all the ties with Britain in 1948 with the Republic Law. %75 of the country is catholic and %25 is evangelical christians. People have yellow hair and blue eyes. Their economy is mainly based on agriculture.



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