Kandy and Buddha Tooth Relic

Our first stop in Kandy was Peradeniya Botanical Garden. It dated back to 1371. Between 1747 and 1780, King Kirthi Sri Rajasinghe had converted it into the Royal Garden because he liked the place. Since 1821, it has been started to bring different kinds of plants from various places in the world. Now, there are over 4,000 different kinds of plants here. It is considered to be one of the most recognized gardens in the world.

There was no diamonds in Sri Lanka. The most situated stone was sapphire. The stone which is called cat’s eye was being taken out from here. There was also a museum in Sri Lanka where those precious stones were being exhibited. It was not a museum actually, it was more like a big shop selling products which were embroidered by those precious stones. On the upper floor, they were telling people how those precious stones having taken out in Sri Lanka and they were also exhibiting the precious and semi-precious stones in a small room. The lower floor was just a classic sales outlet.

All settlement in Kandy was gathered around the artificial lake and on the slopes across this lake.

Hotels were usually were on these slopes. Our hotel was Thilanka. Thilanka is also a common hotel chain in Sri Lanka. The newest one of them was Thilanka Resort & Spa on Matale road.

There were many monkeys around our hotel. They were showing off by jumping from tree to tree. They were so naughty that one of them was trying to pull out a banana particle stucked in his tooth with a car antenna. They were very cute and smart. There were even more monkeys than cats here.

You shouldn’t miss the Traditional Kandy Dancers. It always started at 5.30 p.m. every evening and lasted about an hour.

The place was like an open-air theatre. Everybody was given a show schedule at the entrance. Traditional dances were divided into 2 groups. Even if the dance of Sri Lanka’s lower parts and upper parts looked almost similar to each other, there were still minor differences between them. For example, the mask dance was peculiar to southern Sri Lanka. They  were dancing with different masks to an instrumental music and they were sending the evil souls away. This dance has still been used as a method of psychiatric treatment.

At the end, they sang their national anthem. We watched it standing in silence. By the time we thought that it finished, the fire dances showed up on the stage. They brought a 3-meter tray full of cinder. Then, two men walked on these cinders barefoot. They didn’t run on it, they just walked. At this point, I felt a little sad for them. Because these people put their life in danger for the sake of making more money. And every evening, same two men always did the show. At the end of the show, they were waiting with “tip” boxes on their hands. We gave our tip and walked to the Buddha Tooth Relic.

You need to get a ticket for Buddha Tooth Relic. When we got our tickets and gave us a demo cd as a gift.

The other name of this temple was “Sri Dalada Maligawa”.  Rumour has it that Buddha had fallen one of his teeth before his death. That tooth was brought to city of Anuradhapura in Sri Lanka by a princess in her bun. But people started to believe that who had the tooth had the power, as well. So, they started to fight with each other. That’s why they had decided to build a temple for the tooth and keep it there. That was the story of the temple.

The temple is visited by thousands of Buddhist. But stil, you can’t see the tooth because it is being kept in a golden bowl behind golden doors. Many people light up the candles and present gifts to Buddha to make their wishes come true.

After visited there, we walked a little by the Lake Kandy and went back to our hotel.



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