Karlovy Vary: The Land of Hot Springs

I would absolutely say “the Land of Hot Springs” if I ever describe Karlovy Vary with two words.

Vary means “ boiling”. There are a lot of hot springs hotels in Karlovy Vary. There are about 100 springs here. Usually, one-day tours are held from Prag. But, it is possible to visit here by train or by bus for more reasonable costs.

The story of finding of the spring here is very interesting. In the end of the 13th century, Charles IV had gone to hunting with his friends. His mansion had been around here. It had became dark and they had seen a deer. They couldn’t see the deer but there had been a giant spring where the deer was. Tehn, the King had said that they should build buildings and facilities here for this spring to be enjoyed by his people. Since then, Karlovy Vary has been known as City of Hot Springs.

These waters has been coming up from 5000 meters below earth. These waters has been warming up with the lavas and they getting cold as they approached to the surface. Their heat changes about between 30 and 72°C .

The municipality had brought the one-thirds of the water into the city through cannals for people to enjoy. That’s why there are so many fountains in the city. They had wrote down the heat on every fountain and designated them. For examle Spring number 1 is Deer, Spring number two is Charles IV.

Every spring consists of different minerals. Waters between 30-50°C are good for got and bowels. Over 50°C has a tranquilizing effect.

There was a river named Kepra in the middle of the city. “Kepra” means hot. Because the spring waters from the mountains were hot.

The oldest hotel in Karlovy Vary was Grand Hotel. When Atatürk and Nazım HİKMET had came, they stayed in this hotel. Another feature of this hotel is its being a host for International Film Festival and the Czech Republic Beauty Contest.

Atatürk had came here first in 1918 for a treatment and he had stayed in Florencia Senatorium Hotel back then.

There was a big Greek architecture building in Karlovy Vary. Its story was very interesting, as well. In the end of the 17th century, Greek King had came here to be treated. Back then, Kings had been travelling with the whole family and servants. There had been a tension between Russians and Czechs. So, Czech people  had built an amazing building for the King to host well and break the ice. All 101 columns in the building had been made of granite.

We had our lunch in Karlovy Vary in company with a violin and an accordeon. Moreover, the musicians played  Mastika after they had learned that we’re Turkish.

While we were heading back from Karlovy Vary, there were furnishings made of glass, springs and bird calls in my mind.



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