Kiev, Alternative Options For Those Who Will Stay For More Than 3 Days

The Botanical GardenThe largest botanical garden park in Kiev, founded in 1937. It is located on an area of 130 hecta decimals, with 13.000 different species of plants and trees. It is one of the rare botanical gardens where scientists conduct experiments. Thus it is one of the botanical parks that should be seen.

The Kiev Zoo
The construction of the Kiev Zoo goes back to 1908. Today the area the Zoo extends up to 40 hecta decimals of land. There are many rare species located here, from all around the world. The facility is open through both summer and winter. The working hours are between 09:00-17:00. There are recreational attractions located inside the zoo as well.

The Second World War Museum
The museum was constructed in memory of the Second World War. It is divided into two sections, the Open air area, and the in-door area. In the Open air area there is the cup of Eternal Fire, the arms and armaments used in the war, along with the walk way where the victory march took place. The closed section is just under the motherland statue with a 2 story museum facility where documents, pictures and tools used in the massacres are displayed. (Guiottines, soaps made from humans, gloves made out of human skin, bone grinding machines..)

Babiy Yar
The place where more than 100.000 people were massacred and buried, which is not a Monumental Park. The 33.771 out of these 100.000 were massacred only in two days and were buried in a mass grave.

Kiev Circus
Kiev Circus is one of those spots that you can have some quality time.  A real entertainment center which proves it not only attracts children but adults as well. The circus building with it’s great architecture is home to many budding illusionists, animal shows, clowns and exciting attractions, and can support up to 1200 people. This is a spot you should spend at least 2 to 2,5 hours at least.

Piragova Open Air MuseumOne of the largest Open Air museums of Europe. This museum is located on areas which people,from 6 different parts of Ukrainelived in local houses and villages that go back 100 to 350 years.



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