Lapland and Husky Safari

We put on our thermal clothes for Husky Safari. They didn’t accept our clothings such as ski pants, snowshoes and woolen socks. They gave us thermal clothing including socks and in our size. We put on the clothing they had given us and headed to the Husky Farm. Hygiene was very important here. The clothing that we had put on has been sterilizing for the later safari.

We arrived Husky Farm after 15-20 minutes journey with a great view. The houses spreaded around , they were one-floor, french-roofed, with garden and pastel colours. There were unbelievably big and long  icicles on the roofs. As if we were in a fairytale.

An employee met us in the farm. He made a 15-minute presentation on how we should use the skis. While we were listening the presentation, we heard huskies barking.

Husky farm was located in a very wide area. There was a concrete cabin for every dog at every 3 meters. There was a husky in every cabin.

When the dogs saw us, they started to bark so loudy that it’s like they saying “Come on we want to run.” It was amazing. There were hundreds of huskies in this farm.

At last, we finished our lesson. Four important rules that we had learned in the lesson were: - İf the right arm is bended from the elbow and is moving up and down, that means “we’re going.”
- İf the right arm strecthes to the side, that means “there is a right road bend there.”
- İf the right arm is up that means “we stop”- İf the right arm is moving in the air from the elbow, that means “problem, we need help.”

Then, we set the skis. Every ski was appropriate for only 2 people. One of them was sitting on the wooden part with a deer fur, while the other one stood behind him and drove the ski. Under the feet, there was a gear mechanism. If the person driving the ski wants to stop, he stamp on this mechanism. The gears slide into the snow and the ski stops.

The employees tied 6 dogs on every ski. One of these dogs was the leader. While they were being tied to the skis, they were very excited. They were like a jack-in-a-box and shouting. They were flapping their tails cheerfully.

We set the road as a convoy. We were going to safari for about 4 hours. The dogs hushed their mouths when they started to run. If you stop, they start screaming and moving again.

Not all the huskies were White, there were black ones there too. But, the common point is that they all had blue eyes. We loved them so much. When they get thirsty in the run, they eat snow on the side and continue to run.

We arrived to a Lapon cottage after a 2 hours of delightful journey with a white forest view.  

By the way, my sister loves animals so much. That’s because she decided not to get on the skis. But, she changed her mind after seeing the huskies’ excite to run. I think running is on the genes of the huskies.

This Lapon cottage was about a 35-40 m2 mountain hut. There was a chimney laid through the middle. And there was a long and narrow gap on the top of the hut. It was being used as a chimney.

Our guide lit the fire with a wood that he had made a ot of splinters from it. They cooked an excellent creme soup with salmon carrot and potato on the coal fire. They also gave us toasted breads with sugar. Then, we drank our coffees and put out the fire. Our guide cleaned the area and left it clean for the next group.

When we went out from the hut, the huskies waiting for us started to bark again. We kept our safari for 2 more hours.

By the way, our eyebrows and eyelashes were iced up. There was such a cold that even our nose hairs were iced up and hurted us. Even the cell phones, cameras and digital cameras were iced up. We couldn’t take more shots because of the cold. We wrapped our cameras with our clothes to keep them warm. The charges were finishing quickly because of the cold. It’s been very hard to take a photo here.

The temperature was -26oC. But the huskies were so happy about that. They were running around flapping their tails. When the ski on the front stopped, the ski on behind was forwarding to it. But the huskies on the front started to get angry because they didn’t want the ones on the back pass themselves.

We went back to the hotel after our Husky Safari. You should try that, as well. 



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