Lapland and Saarielska

It was February, when we took our flight with Turkish Airlines from İstanbul to Helsinki. After a short wait in Helsinki, we flew to Ivalo with Finnair.

Ivalo airport is pretty small. The most interesting thing in decline was the IVALO AIRPORT sign and colorized ice blocks. There are lots of wooden decorations and stuffed animals at the entrance of Ivalo Airport.

This region called Lapland, consists of 187.000 lakes and 97.000 islets connected to Finland. All the rivers and lakes are frozen. Snow is everywhere. The land and the river is indiscriminable. Snow is like powder here. It is like everything is covered in white powder. It is difficult to harden the snow by pressing to make a snowball. Even the sound snow makes when you walk is beautiful.

We went to a small town called Saariselka from Ivalo airport. Our vechile did not slow down even with the snow and ice covered road. It is forbidden to use chains here, they use snow tires.

The population of Saariselka is only 300. But it has an area of 17.000 kmsquares and governed by only one municipality. It is the biggest municipality of Europe. Half as big as Brussels and only 300 people. We stayed at the Holiday Club in the first night of Saariselka. A cute, single-floor mountain hotel.

After eating reindeer for dinner, we went around for a walk. At 20.00, it was -12 celcius outside.

Especially at the sunset, the view is incredible. The whites first turn in to yellow than pink, to red. And it gets darker with time.

The same evening, we went to a very famous design chain store of Finland, Marimecco. Different kinds of objects and furniture made out of wood and mostly gall, objects made out of reindeer horn and leather, various accesories knitted out of bushes like straw mat, and rag dolls. All of them are very interesting. Handwork is really valued here, so the prices are really high.

On our way back to hotel, a blue halo appeared out of nowhere around the moon and it was very appealing. We waited for Aurora Borrealis but we could not see it. Through the road, candles made out of ice blocks were placed in sideline. There were also woodblocks cut in a diagonal shape through the road, which were made into a picture of the head of Santa Claus. It was very cute. They make good use of wood here.



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