Lapland: Sledge Trip at Night and Lapp's Passion of Dance

We ate salmon, ren deer and blueberry  on dinner and then went for a walk  in the snowy roads. We were going to the night club. The view was amazing and there was no sound around. Just our feet on the snow. While going to the club, people , if they wish, were going thereby ski. Our guide said that the rink was about 1,2 kms long and the longest ski rink of Finlandia. Its name was Taboggan.

There were candles through the sides of the rink. Just us and the skis. There was no husky to pull. It was a little risky to me but it was fun. If the ski got faster, you could put on the brakes with your feet. When I got stuck on bowless part, my husband helped me to keep going. But he pushed me a little hard, then I hurt my ankle while I was trying to slow. But it was worth it. Because it was a delightful experience.

When we finished our ski journey, we met the other people in the tour and went to the club after 10 minute walk. The people here love to dance and they were all like professionals. The average age of the people in the club was quite old. Old ladies and single ladies were there with their groups. In some days of the week, the ladies offer men a dance. But that day, men offered them dance. People come here from Helsinki to dance.

Turkish tourists don’t prefer coming here much. While we were chatting with my sister, the waitress came to us . She was Turkish and has been living here. We shocked. This young man had married with a Finnish girl and settled in this snowy region with 300 people population. It is possible to meet Turkish people in almost everywhere throughout the world.

After we left the night club, we went back to our hotel in 20 minutes walk. The temperature was -29oC. It was quite cold and the air was dry. The sky was amazing and the moon was shining. There was a blue moire around the moon. There was no other soun than our feet on snow. Unfortunately, we couldn’t see the Northern Lights again. 



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