Leading In Amman and The First Impression

We pass into Amman  through Syria. At the gate of Jordan, officials often carry out a search. If you have cigarettes or alcoholic beverages except the ones you had from duty free on the half way, they seize them.

Officials first check the hood of the car, than the trunk, luggages and the inside of the car. There are three different transition passages as for the citizens of Jordan, Syria and other Middle Eastern Countries, at the passport check. But the officer of other country is absent, so they take us in from Middle Eastern Countries passage. There is no visa check for entry. The thing that caught our eye is the eye scan system. They are doing retina scanning.

After the border, we drive for another 2 hours. Our arrival at Amman is about 22.00 at night. The driver leaves us where the taxi service to Syria take off. There we get in the taxi again to go to our hotel which we know as at the centrum. The Downtown area. We do not recommend you to stay at the hotels around here because of the hygiene problem. We stayed there for the first night and moved to another hotel.

Although I can not recommend the hotel at Downtown, the second one we stayed,  Rama hotel, which is close to Mecca Mall, was quite clean and we paid 60 euros per night. We left our luggage at our room and went out to exchange money. We found an exchange office, about to close for the day. Here, 1 Jordan dinar is about equal to 1 Euro. Short code for their currency is JOD. They call it both dinar, and jedi.

We chitchatted with the guy who exchanged our money. His name is Ulen, and he came here from Jerussalem. He is very jocound. After he heard that we came from Istanbul, he said “What are you doing here? There is only, mountains, rocks, road and exchange offices in rows here.”

Just like all the Arab world, he is also an Aşkı-Memnu fan. (A Turkish TV Show). He even downloaded and watched the last episodes from the internet before he closed the office. He says “Names of Bihter and Behlül are different in our dub of the show, but Adnan is the same, Adnan.”

He recommends us a place where we can go for a coffee at night. Jafra. Below it, theres a DVD shop called Gafra. Very close to the old city, 7-8 minutes on feet from the hotel. The place is really huge. Inside of it is decorated with native furniture. But we have not seen any tourists here, are we in the wrong place? Well it is 2 am in the morning.

Jordan does not really have a cuisine spesific to itself. It is a mix of Syrian and Lebnanese cuisine but Lebnanese is more dominant. If you don’t want to eat local food, there are a lot of alternatives from Italian to Thai cuisines.



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