Little Fishing Village of the Medieval : Cannes

Cannes was a little fishing village in Middle Ages. In 1035, the Princes of Antibes have built the castle on the hill. In Middle Ages, monks had been living on Lerins Islands across Cannes; after a while they had moved to mainland Cannes and settled in Le Suquet because they been thinking that the islands were not safe. In 1530s, Cannes has begun to be an autonomous region; until that time monks has been the most important power in the region.

When Cannes has became an autonomous region, the people had been providing with marine trade. But, when the houses on the seaside started to be damaged by the sea, they had started to build a breakwater here. After they shrouded the city with the breakwater, settlement in the city has begun. Conducive of the new settlement was Lord Brougham. The lord had came to Cannes coincidentally in 1835; he had liked here, bought a land and built a mansion here. When he has mentioned about Cannes and its natural beauties, English nobles have started to built mansions here to spend the winter.

In addition to this, Russian Empress Alexandrovna, who liked the sun and believed it’s good to health, has settled in the mansion called Villa des Dunes. In this way, reputation of Cannes has started to spread all over the world. There are quite a lot of beautiful buildings having been built in 19th Century in the city; because the first settlement in the city has been made by noblemen.

In 20th Century, there opened a lot of palace hotels, one more beautiful than the other. The city has been the favorite of Germans, Englishmen and Russians until the Second World War; right after the war Americans has started to be interested in the city, because the city has  represented the elegance and fineness with its architecture and luxury shops.

Now, Cannes  attracted the tourist from all around the world. It is especially a must for rich Russian and Arabian tourists.



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