London, West Minister City

West Minister City which includes the British Parliament, is located in London as an inside town. Its acreage is 21,48 km2.

The Westminister Palace (Parliament Building) is being a host to the British Parliament comprised of Lords and house of commons. This palace is located next to the other public buildings in Whitehall, Westminister.

There are about 1,100 rooms in the palace. Only the lenght of the corridors are 4,8 kms and the palace was built in the 19th century.

In front of the palace, there is a statue of Richard the Lionheart. The Westminister Palace, monastery and the church of Margeret are joined in the World’s Heritage list by UNESCO. The palace was amazing with the Big Ben clock tower next to it.

Westminister Monastery Church is both national and international museum. It is a beautiful example of 19th century Gothic architecture. We saw the thrones and crowns used for coronation in Saint Edward Chapel and the graves of Crown Family. On the South part of the palace there was a department for poets. In this department, there were graves of famous people like Shakespeare and  Dickens.

Then, we went to Saint Paul Cathedral. This cathedral has the second biggest dome after Saint Peter’s  Church in Rome. The funeral ceremony of Winston Churchill had been served here.

This cathedral had also been a host for the wedding ceremony for Prince Charles and Lady Diana.



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