Luxembourg: Finance and Exchange Center

Luxembourg is a small but powerful country in the middle of the Europe. It is ranked 175 in the World country rankings out of 194 independent countries. The official name of the country is Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The biggest duchy standing today. Population of the country is 404.000 and the capital is Luxembourg City.

Other important cities of Luxembourg are Esch-sur-Alzette, Dudelange ve Differdange. Economy is really advanced in this country. World per capita income ratings were showing Luxembourg as the 1st before Qatar made a leap and took the 1st place.

When we came to Luxembourg, the first thing to do was to settle in Hotel Delta, which is located in Paris Square.

Luxembourg is a city that you can explore on foot, but if you want to go to the place called Kirshberg, were the business centers are located, you have to use a vechile.

Luxembourg is a city located on both sides of a valley. Just in the middle of the city, Petruse river flows in Petruse valley. City is connected with glamorus bridges from one side to another. The most famous one is the Adolf bridge. This bridge connects Liberty Street with Royal Boulevard. The best point you can use to take a photo of this bridge and Petruse valley is Constitution Square.

It is also the best point to start the city tour. The Norte Dame Cathedral is right behind you. Next to it, there is a wide square. At the other side of the square, City Hall is located. This square is the bigger one out of the two squares present in the old city area. So, it is prefered better for concerts and other activities. When we were there, an American group from New Orleans was performing. There are desks in the concert area so people can comfortably eat and listen to the music.  There are small food stands around where you can acquire beer, champagne, potatoes, sausage and such edibles and drinkables.

There are people from every race and nationality, and from every age, in the concert area. Because Luxembourg is in a very in between area and has a lot of job opportunities in finances and share market, even people from neighbour countries come and go for daily jobs. Therefore you can find many different cuisines here.

The other important square is located across the Grand Duchy Palace. This square is a little smaller compared to other one but there are a lot of different restaurants. It is a fun square.

Old population is really high in Luxembourg. On almost every bench, there is someone reading a book. Education is really important for them. There is even a school where 40.000 people can study at the same time in the business centers area. The National Library next to it. Three languages are recognised as official in Luxembourg: French, German, and Luxembourgish. Luxembourgish is mostly used as a speaking language. Official writings are mainly done in French.

The schools have three language education system. The first years of the education is done in Luxembourgish. After that, German starts to be used. Which leaves its place to French in junior high. To graduate from junior high, you need a sufficiency certificate for all the three languages. This is the reason exams are done in both French and German. Most of the paper is published in three language.

The capital Luxembourg was choosen the European Capital of Culture. The backstreets are narrow and connected in this city. Lots of cafés and bars in the backstreets. You can find people in suits at these bars, chitcatting, at the evening hours after work. Most places are full on rush hours. The most popular of these places are Urban and Peckvillchem. Also the bars and cafés around the Rue Large street are really popular. Most of them only serve after 17.00.

The most popular beer brands are Bofferding, Diekirch and Hoegaarden. All of them are local Luxembourg beer. Fish is the first choice of a Luxembourgian for a meal.

The natives of Luxembourg are Celtic oriented but they got mixed up with French and Germans. Because of the job opportunities, it is a highly migrated country.

87% of the population is Catholic, 13% is Protestant, Orthodox, Jewis, Muslim and Atheists. But after 1980, Luxembourg quit collecting information about citizens religious views.

The area of business centers, Kirchberg is completely made with modern architecture. In this area, the Central Bank building, the structures made as council estates, the Modern Art Museum and the building with 832 columns where the philharmonic orchestra performs,  made by an American architect,  Europe Square nad Europan Parliament building are the places you should see.

Even though Luxembourg is not really a touristic city, you can explore it throughly just in 1-2 days.



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