Maldives and The Unique Underwater

The most exciting thing about the Maldives for me was scuba of course. The unique underwater I have seen the first day with only a swim mask and a schnorkel, was only the beginning of the things I would see with scuba. That is why I was pretty excited.

Pearl white beaches, a sea in the most beautiful tone of turquois, colorful underwater, a mild weather… Could I possibly ask for more?

We had an orientation dive in the morning. We got in the water from the side of the dock. They built railtrack-like ropes underwater so you won’t lose your way underwater and can swim against the flow. After proceeding about 100 meters in 3-4 meters deep, we arrived at a valley and encountered a magnificent view.

Most of you have probably seen Finding Nemo. Well, diving in Maldives is kind of like that movie.  As I was in the movie and Dolly’s were swimming next to me. After the limited visibility range of Black Sea, it was like a dream. Even underwater, everywhere was crystal clean and the range of vision was at least 50 meters. It was really unbelievable.

In the afternoon, we have sailed with a boat. The feeling of being on the ocean is really spectacular. Our diving teacher told us that the range of vision was a little limited because it rained the day before.

It was really clear even limited. We went down to 25 meters deep. A school of ray fish passed over us. It is really great for divers. The three muraena fishes I have seen topped it all. Add it to your bucket list.

Apart from scuba, you can hire jet skis, you can do some water skiing, or you can surf. Anything related to sea, is possible here.

There is no getting out of the water after the dive. We went in the water with the bread we took from the restaurant in our hands. We have sat on a rock in the sea and fed the fish around us. To be honest, they gathered around us and started trying to eat the bread in our hands before we have even done anything. We did great shootings with the underwater camera. They did bit our hands a little, but whatever,the photos was worth it.



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