Meeting With Nepal

As soon as we landed in the airport, we started filling forms for visas. You can get Nepal visa for 25$ in 5 minutes. But you need a photo. If you don’t have one, you can get your photo taken there for 5$. The visa procedure moved in a speed that we did not expect.

We took our luggage and left the airport. An official from local agency was waiting for us outside. We got on to a vehicle and went to the Airport Hotel which was very close from the airport. After a 15-20 minutes break, we headed to Thamel Square to see the stores. Nepal is a shopping heaven. Everything is cheap, but you have to try for bargain. Currency of Nepal is Nepal Rupi. 1 dollars is about 77-78 rupis.

Nepal’s area is 147.181 km2. Population is about 30 millions. 80% of the population are Hindus, 10-12% Buddhists and 5% Muslims. The others are the minority religions. The most important city in Nepal is Kathmandu, the capital.

As our guide told us, Nepal is divided in 3 zones: Glacial Mountains, Green Mountains, City.

Glacial Mountains zone is the Himalayas that lay through the north of the country. This zone is closer to Tibet, so people live here are mostly Buddhists. At the same time, the first man to climb Everest, Tenzing Norgay Sherpa who was born in Everest’s piedmonts, is also living here.

At the Green Mountains, there are mosly Hindus but you can see some Buddhists as well, even if very little.

The people that live close to India are mostly Hindus, and a little of them are Muslims.

With Tibet at its north, China at east, and India at south and west, Nepal consists the highest point of the world, Everest, with its 8848 meters high summit. Nepal is bordered with Himalayas, so it is on the seismic belts. The most devastating two earthquakes were in 1833 and 1934 in the last 150 years.

Nepal is far more than just a shopping heaven. It is a peaceful country with history flowing out of everywhere of it.



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