Meeting Point of Teesta and Rangit Rivers

At 9.00 am, we hit the road to Kalimpong from Darjeeling. We passed the narrow and serpentine streets of Darjeeling. The distance was 60 kms. But the road is so curved that it takes about 2.5 hours. On our way, we stopped on a watching point. The overlapping rivers Teesta and Rangit, creates an amazing view.

Teesta river starts from a lake (Çamula) on the north of Sıkkım. It is lighter tahn Rangit river in terms of color but it has higher flow rate. The Rangit river is weld from the 3rd highest mountain of Himalayas. It’s color is really dark. At the point these two rivers connect, there is a magnificent view.

Because of the view it has, this place is also called the Lover’s Hill.

Teesta river, overlaps Tolşah (its name in Darjeeling) river, which is 40 kms to Bagdogra.  The river that is created by these two rivers overlapping is called Teestatolşah (Its name in Darjeeling). And this river connects to sea at Brahmaputra.

West Bengal is a state of India. The capital of Bengal is Kolkata. Darjeeling is another city of this state. Gorkhas on the other hand, define it as their own land.

Teesta river has options for adrenaline lovers. You can raft here. The point where Teesta meets Rangit, actually has a special value for Lepchas. Lepchas are the first ones to settle in Sıkkım area. Teesta river is male, Rangit is female. The meeting point represents the marriage of the two rivers. We could see the Sıkkım, other side of the Teesta, from where we stood. Of course you can only enter with special permission. We got our permission and were ready to explore Sıkkım.



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