Minsk and The Duduki Village

We head out with Yuri to the Duduki Village, which is also an open air museum. Yuri gives a quick introduction about the war era. The Nazis burned down the 620 villages on Belarus lands. Some of these are now open for tourists.

There is another open air museum about 18km away from the city, called the “Ozertso” in which you can see many authentic structures. Unfortunately we couldn’t visit this one.

While heading to the Duduki Village, we see a large Windmill on the way. After a quick photo break, we arrive to the village. There is a wooden church welcoming the incomers at the entrance of the village. Simply Amazing!

You pay a low fee while entering the village. There are small shacks, placed in a line with different handcraft products being sold in each one. They also display how they produce these goods in their shacks as well. Be mindful when entering these shacks, the stairs are made of wood. Wood already has a welcoming and warm vibe, when this combines with the general attitude of the dwellers, this spot becomes a really nice place to visit. At the last area, the old cars and vehicles are being displayed. Dont miss it if you are interested in autos.

Right next to it there is a traditional village house. There is a bread oven, a sledge and some hancrafted clothes. Yuri mentions that he is originally from Gomel, but he moved to Minsk with his son and wife due to employment potential in the city. The unemployment rate in Belarus is %1,6.

We head to the Horse Ranch right after the village. We hand feeded the ponies that are being held there. While walking to the barn, I saw 9-10 horses running wildly out of the structure, I watched in awe.

Apparently it was time for exercise for the horses. You can ride a horse on a small area if you wish to do so in here. While we wait for the horses to return we visit a house that was made in 1899 and is now being used as a museum. The area is famous with it’s linen weaving, so we saw many old weaving tools inside the house.

Now it’s time to see the horses once again. There are many wooden sledges lined up near the barn entrance. The horses themselves were truly magnificent, with many brought from different parts of the world.

Afterwards we decided to taste home made bread, butter, honey and some kind of potato dish. After filling up our belly’s we think it’s time to taste the famous home made vodka.

Along with vodka they serve you black bread, honey and pickles. Now that our bodies are warm enough to travel, we are ready for our flight. We get some souvenirs from the gift shop near the village, prior to getting to the airport.

Unfortunately we were a bit late, and worried about catching our flight. Right at the check-in point I received a message from Yuri “Are you guys OK? I am waiting at the front gate of the terminal in case there is a problem”. This proved us that Belarusians were as hospitable as the Turks.

With love to Yuri...



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