Modern Mayan: Merida

Merida, is also known as the White city. Merida is the largest city of yucatan. It was built between the years of 1530-1540. It’s population is close to 1 million.

When we first arrived here, It made me say “Civilization hurraay!”. It is a very pleasant, very cute city. Spanish Admiral Montego arrived here in the year of 1542 and settled down. First he broke the pyramids into pieces and re constructed Merida in a more Spanish city-like manner.

The city is home to many Spanish styled colonial structures. Make sure to visit the Montego boulevard which was named after Admiral Montego himself, get on one of the chariots and tour the city with great enjoyment.

The mayans in the Yucatan isle are even shorter. They are mostly 1.40, and have squinted eyes. They are though to be of Mongolian descent, coming here from Asia.

The most prominent feature of Merida is that it acts as a passing point for both the Uxmal Temples and the Chichen Itza pyramids.

The first name of the Merida city is “Modern Maya”.



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