The Mysterious Country of Middle Ages, Scotland

Scotland, Caledonia by its old name, has a land of 78.783 km squares. One of the four countries that forms the UK. (England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales)

Even if Scotland is not an independent country, it still has its own flag, capital and a parliament. Traditions, cultural aspects of life and their own history is important for Scottish people.

It is one the oldest countries of the world, found in 843  in the kingdom of Mac Alpine. Preserved its indepedendence since 1707, and joined the Kingdom of Great Britain. In 1997, the parliement was relaunced with a referendum. But this parliament has the power of dealing with its internal affairs.  Dependent on the parliament of UK in international relations.

English, Scottish and Gaelic are the languages spoken in Scotland.

Important names such as, the author of Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling, inventor of the phone, Graham Bell, founder of peniciline, Alexander Fleming are from Scotland.

Men wearing a skirt called kilt, foggy and rainy weather, pure white clouds…

The whiskey, which they call the elixir of life, bagpipes, romantic and myterious castles and chateaus left from the Middle Ages, checkered fabrics made out of lamb wool, salmon fish and the monster of the Lake Ness are the essentials of Scotland.

Foggy valleys with every tone of green on them, and mountains covered with clouds…

Most popular food of Scotland are Poridge, a vegetable and oat soup, different kinds of salmon fish, beef and lamb, and Hapgis, which reminds the Kokorech of Turkey.

The main character of the movie Brave Heart, William Wallace is a folk hero of here.

THE ESSENTIALS OF SCOTLAND:Edinburg Castle, bagpipe, kilted men, foggy and mysterious sky, castles and chateaus, whiskey, scottish plaid skirts and blankets, Royal Mile road, street festivals and camera obscura.



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