The Nazca Lines, you will probably remember from the book Chariots of the Gods by Erich von Daniken, still remain unclear and a mystery for archeologists. Nazca is both the name of the town (Nazca, Peru) and the desert (Nazca Desert).

After a short bus trip from the city of Ica, we reached Nazca Aerodom to take a light aircraft (with a capacity of only 4 people) with which we flew for about 1 hour over the mysterious Nazca Lines.

Our pilot and guide made a great effort to show us (we were standing on both sides of the aircraft) all of the geoglyps.

Nazca Lines are a series of ancient geoglyphs, situated in the Nazca Desert, in animal figures and geometric shapes. It still remains unclear for what purpose and by whom were these lines (some of them are as long and large as to be seen from the space) drawn on the plateaus. Nazca was a plain, which makes it impossible to be used as a landing field. Besides, why would the aliens need to act so primitively? Maria Reiche, a German archeologist and mathematician who studied to help figure out lines’ purpose, examined the lines for years and asserted that the Nazca Lines were related to the astronomical events (animal figures were also about the astronomical events).

The Nazca Lines have been interpreted differently by scholars, but the only thing they agreed upon is that the lines are related to the sky. There is not comprehensive and satisfactory information in history about the Nazca Lines.

Some of the arguments about the Nazca Lines are as followed;

-    The symbols and lines are related to the religious beliefs. -    The lines include symbols about the sky.
-    The masked performances of priests and mythological characters are described in the lines. -    It was revealed by the Nazca Lines that Gods control the weather and climate events.

There are many similar researches about the Nazca Lines, but the results are not clear. The number of documents about the Nazca Lines is limited. Some of the lines and figures symbolize the lifestyles while the others describe the sky. The Nazca Lines, upon which the scholars could not agree, still remain a mystery.



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