Niagara, The Dance of Water and Light

The niagara falls, act as a border between U.S.A and Canada. The Bridal Veil Falls are 56 meters in height and 328 meters in width. The Canadian falls which are the Horsehoe Falls are known as horsehoes and stands at 52 meters in height with 675 meters in width. The river that both these falls lead to has a depth even more than the rivers height, that is 56 meters. Canadian falls with their 675 meters width, is the largest waterfall in the world.

In winter, the American falls freeze but the Canadian one doesn’t since it has a higher flow rate.

The Goat Isle divides these waterfalls that connect the Erie lake with the Ontario lake. The Ontario lake is of 180 km’s in height and 70-80 km of width, acting as a border for U.S.A and Canada. The lakes are connected to each other with channels. Our guide says that these channels lead up to Chicago.

The second highest waterfall in the world, after the Angel Falls in Venezuella, the Niagara Falls came to be with the collapse of the Wisconsin glacier. The source of the waters is the glacier. The %20 of the sweet waters in the world are found in lakes. Most of this water comes from the Niagara falls. The direction of the waters coming from the falls were changed to prevent errosion, with channels and dams.

280.000 metercube of water per second falls down from waterfalls. There are numerous hydroelectric plants around the falls which produce electricity for America and Canada.

We grab our rain coats and embark on the blue motor boats, approaching both of the falls to take pictures of the incredible sight. The sound that the waters make when falling and the rainbow created because of the water steam was magnificent. Numerous entertainment buildings such as Hotels, casino’s and clubs surround the falls.

Afterwards we disembark and get to point where all the water falls down. This is even more enchanting. The roaring water, disappears from sight in mere seconds. Also the line that occurs at the exact spot the waters fall and it’s blue color is worth seeing.

The Rainbow bridge on the river, allows entrance to Canada from the U.S. or vice versa. You can pass through for 6 dollars.

Niagara means gulf in Indian. Since it has the shape of a horseshoe, they believed that it brought luck. Every year, thousands of newly weds come here for honeymoon.

We head back to the Sheraton Hotel have a very pleasant dinner with the view of the Niagara. You must definitely spend a night Niagara, since the lighting and the view may be one of the most magical things you ll ever see. The water and the light dances with each other. Do not forget to drop by at the village just on the way back from the falls, famous for it’s Ice Wine.



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