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While I am currently enjoying a kind of another cute journey, it is a tradition for me to write about previous travel memories ;) Yes, I am now at Antalya, the mediterranean side of Turkey with its long beaches, mediterranean sea and hospitable hotels...On May, the weather is risky enough to is raining now. So it is better to wait for until June 15th for enjoying Antalya. It is like a monsoon forest ;) 

No one can deny the pretty beaches of Belek, Antalya. Some pictures for encouraging you to visit. If you would get to know more about where to stay, it is enough to leave comment;)

So now, let's go to a long journey started from Bremen, including Amsterdam, Hamburg and finished at Luxembourg. Remembering Hamburg and feeling like in North Europe will make me just happy in this balcony ;)

No one tells you how pretty Hamburg is. That’s because so few people mention Hamburg in the first place. Other German cities like Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt are much more popular. And so Hamburg, bigger than all..Did you know about the lake? houses around this lake like a postcard-ready tableau..and the canals? the Elbe river? which makes Hamburg the Venice of northern Europe after Stockholm and Amsterdam...

Hamburg tells you a lot about how being a chic, postmodern, developed and historic place together. Apart from being a logistic city and the heart of commerce in Europe for centuries, Hamburg serves you a lot of things to do from sightseeing to architecture to fairs to festivals.. Hamburg has 2,302 bridges - more than Venice and Amsterdam combined. With over 90 consulates, Hamburg is second only to New York City. My pictures are just like a proof of that.

As a tourist and a passionate traveller, in my first visit to every city, to understand every faces of it, I just swallow the city's dust by touching every popular corner. This table is my own city plan and now it yours ;)


All famous facts of Hamburg in 3 days are welcoming you just here.

We were staying at Harburg at my friend's pretty house. It is a typical Hamburg house about 15 minutes away from city center with railway. It is hard to say Harburg is a rural area because I think no place in Hamburg is rural :) centers, markets, schools and of course railways make anywhere similar with city center.

I have visited many cities in Germany and I have never gone long distances with a bus. German people meet with intercity buses for long distances. We went Hamburg from Bremen with Flixbus for 6 euros including wi-fi :) After locking our baggages at the central station (Hauptbahnhof), we began to have fun with the city. We would have taken our luggage at night late hours and went to our friend's house at Harburg.

First point we needed to visit Hafencity where Elbphillharmonie is just over there. A new world class phillharmonie concert hall for Europe just standing near the edge of Elbe river and designed by popular Swiss architectures. However, the concerts do not take place yet, the construction still continues. You can keep in touch with its construction history by the help of Pavillion.

Going to Hafencity and visiting Pavillion means on the way you will see these beautiful modern houses near Elbe canals. At the end of the road, you will meet with Elbphillharmonie.


This Elbphillharmonie view is from port of Hamburg where the Hard Rock Cafe and bridges of port (bruckens) are there, near Altona area which is one of the richest side of Hamburg.

The reason why we needed to visit this place is, I booked an online coupon for the classical concert in Elbphillharmonie by Orchestra del Conservatorio Duni di Matera. We needed to turn this coupons into tickets. Since, the construction was still ongoing, the concerts take place in Grand Hall (Großer Saal) at Laeiszhalle Hamburg Johannes-Brahms-Platz.


Imagine an old historic hall where you can never find any plug for charging ;))


Second day at Hambourg, started with a bike rental experience. You can find stadtrad hamburg at nearly every street and rent your bike at 6€ daily. The good thing about stadtrad is, since its stations are nearly everywhere you can leave your bike to any station and take a new one when you need it again. So you do not need to find a place for locking your bike. If you would like to lock it, you do not need to carry any keys because you can handle everything with your password. Another good thing is they are corporate enough to help you on phone if you have any problem with your password. I always insist on travelling in European countries with bike. Especially at Hamburg, just in one day, we enjoyed Mönckebergstraße, St. Nikolai church, Miniatur Wonderland, Dungeon Museum, Meßmer Momentum, Altona Area and Harbour together. 

Main shopping district in Hamburg is Mönckebergstrasse. of course, it couldn't be possible to skip this area. Any well known brands from middle size to luxury are located here. Perhaps, it doesn't remind you Champs-Elysées however large clean streets, stores makes you comfortable enough to shop.


Second stop was St. Nikolai Church. On the way to St. Nikolai, cafes near canals and historic buildings force you to have some shots : )



The tallest building in the world between 1874-1876 and it now celebrated its 824 years which means being older than Cathédral Notre Dame de Paris. Like many others, this church was demolished by extensive air raids during World War II. The spire and some remains of the walls are preserved as a memorial against war.




Left side, the front door and its spire are the remaining parts after WW II.

Bronze sculpture of Edith Breckwoldt called Erdenengel (Angel of Earth) and it was displayed on the ground of the church for the 60th anniversary of the bombings. The words at the bottom of the sculpture is saying "Take my hand and let me lead you back to yourself" (Nimm meine hand und ich führe dich zu dir zurück)

Picture at left side is Prayer for peace, again memorial mosaic work from Edith Breckwoldt. Picture at right side is from Oscar Kokoschka, called "Ecce Homo".



Speicherstadt Area

Next place is Speicherstadt area (Warehouse District) including Miniatur Wunderland, Dungeon Museum and Messmer Momentum. We are now in Hafencity quarter of Hamburg and the inevitably Harbour (port) and Altona. Speicherstadt houses several museums that's why it is a touristic attraction. The parts used as warehouses handled the largest amount of world's carpet production, cocoa, coffee, tea, spices, maritime equipment and electronic goods. As a warehouse the buildings have entrances both on land and water:) Amazing isn't it...



At museum parts of Speicherstadt, the most outstanding museums are Dungeon Museum and Miniatur Wunderland. Dungeon Hamburg is a part of Dungeon chain like its other friends in Amsterdam, Berlin, London. Each theme is based on the area history. Miniatur Wunderland is again composed of each Hamburg icons miniaturs and specifically nice for children to have fun.



Inner side of this historic building may capture your attention...

Actually, we were not interested on having ideas about Hamburg in these museums. For sure, it is better to discover outside;) Take your bike and start pedalling for Hafencity. It's a kind of business district I can say...with buildings of Unilever, banks and some logistic companies. 

Beautiful houses on the road will meet you before coming Messmer Momentum. so, it is a pleasure biking here. Each has a modern look, a different architecture and a luxurious style...





The first place where I met so many kinds of tea from all around the world.. The Messmer history started at 1852 with a tea grocery at Baden-Baden and continued at Frankfurt in 1886s. During the years, they studied on different kinds of brand names and logos. 1936 is the milestone for Messmer Momentum when the tea bag was invented and protected as a patent. They opened their door in Hamburg in 2008.

The tea lounge and the terrace invite you to relax with small snacks and testing over 70 varieties of tea creation. These creations are also available to buy and take home with you. The view from the lounge is the one I shared with you above... Hamburg luxury houses, the canal and the boats...

Messmer Momentum also houses events like tea training, tea time and classical music with Hamburg symphony, piano moments...

Actually, we are always talking about coffee, its origin, its variations and etc... What about tea? This place took my attention to tea world.. A world which we may never talk about..I bet you will also be surprised when you check the list of tea A to Z.



Messmer Momentum also offers you many kinds of recipes as cocktails, desserts, pastries...



My choice is an Indian tea with vanilla aroma :) They serve your tea with natural types of sugar from white to black variations...Three kinds of tea bag is their gift for you ;) You can take it from the tea shop...

They do not forget to remind us. Some clues about steeping you. Turkish tea service style. Green,herbal or black tea... Inevitably it is the best style at all ;) Will be a good gift for friends.



Meßmer Momentum is a place combining a museum, tea house and shop in a very relaxed and exclusive atmosphere. At its museum part, you can smell and taste any kind of tea from all around world. Most attractive part for me is the desing...because the cabinets full of tea, the screens displaying informative videos take your attention. Look at this cabinet, you meet with kinds of graphics about the tea consumption in a different way...

Meßmer Momentum is located at: Am Kaiserkai 10, 20457 Hamburg.


After taking a rest at Messmer Momentum, we were pedalling all the way down swiftly to Harbour. The area is called St. Pauli quarter and it surrounds harbour, Hard Rock Cafe and Canal Tours. Port of Hamburg is named Germany's gateway to the world and the largest port in Germany. It was founded at 1189 by Frederick I and its location is an ideal place for warehousing and transshipment facilities. It is located on the river Elbe and enabled Hamburg to develop early into a leading city of trade.

The port lies down from Speicherstadt (that I mentioned you about above, an architectural icons of Hamburg, free port and warehouse at the north side of river Elbe) to Altona during Elbe River.


Hamburg is a major cruise destination and one of Europe's largest ports for cruise passengers travelling the Atlantic or the Norwegian and Baltic Seas. The port of Hamburg is also one of the main attractions in the city and must see place both as a living, industrial and logistic center. There are various museum ships, musical theaters, bars, restaurants and even a floating boat church ;))


The St. Pauli Piers (St. Pauli Landungsbrücken), are the largest landing place in the Port of Hamburg and also a major tourist attraction. Hard Rock Cafe is right over there with its tremendous view of you see the rock shop :)



The view from Hard Rock balcony... Elbphilharmonie just behind me enriches the picture, doesn't it? After passing through the old Brücke, the corridor we met brought us to boats for harbour tours.



However, we preferred sipping our beers with delicious oceanic calamari and fish&chips at one of the biergartens on top of these passages.


The next day, we enjoyed canal tour over Alster Lake with the view of beautiful lake houses and green parks at city center. Our 3rd day in Hamburg is full of shopping and sightseeing... Please keep in touch for the next post;)

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