Organized and Luxurious, Monaco

Monaco was really amazing city. Everywhere was spotless, organized and luxurious. We knew better now why jetsetters never left here. It was also possible to find a wallet friendly restaurant or a cafe in the city, don’t think like “everything must be so expensive in such a luxurious city”.

As you knew, the most popular racetrack of F1 racing was in this country. I said country because Monaco is a kingdom. It has a population of 35,000 people and its acreage is 18 km2. It is the second smallest country in the world.

It was really close to Italia border and it was like a model city. First things that get your attraction were the parking spaces, the escalators and the elevators. They made you feel like you were in an outdoor shopping mall. The city was quite well-organized. Because its acreage was small, the city was widened by trimming the rocks. The elevators and escalators were always being used as the elevation differences were high. The underground of the city was almost completely a parking space. Transportation was provided by buses in the city.

Everywhere was beautiful individually. The city centre was around the port. You could enjoy cafes located across the yachts in the port. When we were there, there was a very colorful Christmas Market.

The palace was located in the old city area, on a hill. You could walk up there with this beautiful view. There was a unique city and port view by the palace. You could take the best photos of the city. While you were walking towards the city centre, you would see an impressive building.

The Royal Palace, “Palais Princier”, was among the first things you should see. The royal family were living quite a modest and plain life. As they said, you could see royal family members any time on the street. But we couldn’t see or we saw but didn’t realize.

The famous Monaco stadium, “Stade Louis II” was located in Fontvielle. I have never seen such car even in Qatar.

Monte Carlo, on the other hand, was the most populated and the most recognised city. It was only as big as a hometown even with its world-famous casinos, hotels and night life. So you could think Monaco as Taksim Square in Istanbul and Monte Carlo as the shopping mall in Taksim. Monaco was just that big.

There were two big casinos in Monte Carlo. One of them was historical casino and the other one was the new casino. Let me get this straight.. Food and beverages were paid as in the other French casinos. Don’t think it as Cyprus casinos.

The old and center casino was really impressive. High roofs, giant wall paintings, people in tuxedos and night dresses playing poker, historical roulette tables.. You should visit here. There has stil been playing poker and inside was really gorgeous. When you got in, you felt like you were in 17th century. Playing poker would be a unique experience. You need to pay 10 euros at the entrance. That fee was only for visiting. Don’t get nervous about your clothes, you could get in with your casual clothes because that casino was like a museum.

The new one, on the other hand, was very wide and luxurious. I have never seen such machines in any casino. It was an amazing place. If you think there are a lot of casinos in Monte Carlo like I thought, you will be off. There were just two casinos. But they were both attractive and fun…