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Island is in silence
Palms are reaching the stars
and Stars are shouting good bye
Dark is our shadow
Roads are breathing us inside
Wind is screaming and call us back
Say good bye to Majorca where we feels the smell of life as blue, green, sun and smile...

Palma de Mallorca

Although I do not like reading or writing poem so much, I wrote these lyrics when we were in rush for going to airport at about 4-5.00 am last summer. This island takes you far and far away from any negative feelings by both its night and day view and these lyrics come to mind suddenly. I bet I wanna be there every summer...

Our Mallorca journey in 5 days is here for you... While writing, feeling like in Mallorca or other destinations is the reason why I published Mapkini : ) Hope you feel well after reading.

I know you have many questions and fears about the island...most of us have only one week or less to spend at holiday...So let's start by reminding you some facts;

Vacation: Mallorca can be a place where you can live your luxurious way of holiday or a honeymoon destination or a flexible group of friends holiday or a family holiday. You can choose the destinations and make it better for you!!! This was only one of the reasons I loved!

Palma de Mallorca-1

Hotel: Most hotels are half-board. At breakfast, you have the pleasure of eating many things from egg variations to cornflakes, sausage to fruits, cakes and breads. At dinner, you may find many different kinds of cooked meat, chicken, fish to side dishes, salads and desserts. In short, it is like in many other 4-5 stars hotel of Mediterranean Turkey. Only difference is, they charge the beverages at dinner. Of course, if you care about pork, then do not forget to ask before you eat anything. Since, most of the tourists are German, pork meat is everywhere ; ) 

Palma de Mallorca-2

Roadtrip: Renting a car or maybe a Vespa is essential...come onnn..some of you is currently thinking about a guided tour...ohh no...just leave yourself free and keep listening the island, it will show you where to go...

Palma de Mallorca-3

Palma de Mallorca-4

Clothes: if you forget something to bring, it is such a minor thing to feel regretful... A small outlet meets you on the road just after the airport... In case of not having some swimming or entertainment staff, this island is full of with shopping markets and supermarket chain Eroski is also everywhere.

Palma de Mallorca-5

To eat: Burger King, Burger King yes Burger King ; ) You can see Burger King's locations on the below map. OK, OK no worries.. Cafes around the beaches also serve pizza, hamburger, sangria or coffee and more...

Beaches: We will be talking about beaches a lot at below statements ; ) There is no entrance fee at the beaches !!! Parking is also free of charge...

Mallorca is the biggest of four Balearic Islands, Mallorca-Menorca-Ibiza-Formentera. I would like to tell you about our trip on this lovely map like I did in Paris.

Palma de Mallorca-6

Anywhere in the island from southern coast to north, every cliff, every sandy sides, in front of any summerhouse could be a place to swim... Shortly, you spend your time at anywhere that you can park your car. Yellow signed places are the ones that we have discovered in 5 days. Its my pleasure to share our plan with you :) By this plan you will leave your trace at many famous sides of the island.

Palma de Mallorca-7

How to go, Where to stay?

There is no direct flight from Istanbul to Mallorca... But who cares ; ) It is just an excuse of having 3-4 days at Barcelona before going to Mallorca ; ) Flight to Mallorca from Barcelona takes only half an hour. There are variable guided tour alternatives. However, you can better go there by your own and rent a car for stopping at any place you love. You will understand what I meant after reading the whole post.

For stay, we have chosen Protur Sa Coma Playa Hotel. Honestly, 4 stars only show that the hotel is half-board. Other kind of things room, comfort, service, food, pools and etc are just like in 5 stars hotels, trust me.

Sa Coma and Cala Millor

I remembered a slice of watermelon and a sandwich with cheese taken from nearest market and consumed responsibly with a bottle of Bacardi : ) Yellow sandy beaches with tons of blue color welcome you. We did not take any sun bed, chaiselong or an umbrella since we changed our place many times during the day.

Palma de Mallorca-8

Palma de Mallorca-9

Palma de Mallorca-10

The crowd at Sa Coma is because of Sunday and it was August here. Locals and Spanish people are also having the joy of beaches. We were also disappointed when we saw the crowd. Yet, the other days were fine and the behavior of European people was really fine to make you feel relax enough.

Palma de Mallorca-11

Our hotel Protur Sa Coma Playa Hotel&Spa is 5 minutes walk away from Sa Coma beach and is giving service in a large complex with clean and well-designed luxury rooms with favorable prices.

One great thing to enjoy here is, resting at Sa Coma beach at night with lovely sand, moon light and your lover;) Do not forget to take a bottle of wine...

Manacor / Flanitx / Campos

Here it is... Follow the yellow line on map to see these lovely places... Villages in silence, summer houses, cute churches at each stop and your GPS sound make these roads wonderful ; )

Palma de Mallorca-12

Palma de Mallorca-13

Palma de Mallorca-14

Palma de Mallorca-15

Palma de Mallorca-16

Palma de Mallorca-17

When we have parked our car just in front of this lovely marine house, an old French women came out to this balcony and shouted something in French... I screamed out too... "je ne sais pas" "je ne sais pas" (I do not know French madame : ) Although there was no parking sign in the street, she just wanted to warn us that the police may spent special interest on our foreign car ; ) So be careful in the little streets of Mallorca and check legal parking spaces to park.

Palma de Mallorca-18

Platja des Trenc (Ses Covetes)  

I am taking a deep breath while I am writing... I don't know how I can pass my feelings to you... I may also bother you with so much photos... But I could not keep it simple here, please forgive me... Best of the best... Turquoise water, rocky beach, summer houses... You met with locals when they were out for sailing at afternoon. Sorry for the photos ; ) Our happiness is our smiles... This island makes you colorful. Welcome to Balearic style...

Palma de Mallorca-19

Palma de Mallorca-20

Palma de Mallorca-21

Palma de Mallorca-22

Palma de Mallorca-23

5 minutes before coming to beach, you paid 6 Euros for parking. The good point is they discounted this 6 euros from your bill at Es Murters where you can eat delicious sea foods and drink adorable mojitos. Shrimps here are competing with the ones in San Francisco fisherman's wharf and I think these ones are the best!

Palma de Mallorca-24

Palma de Mallorca-25

Palma de Mallorca-26

I know, one day this house with yellow windows will be mine, I am sure : )

Palma de Mallorca-27

Palma de Mallorca-28

Palma de Mallorca-29

Palma de Mallorca, Old Town

You will not want to leave beach side even for a moment. Yet, one of your side pushes you to go and see city center. Listen your voice and spare some time to city center of beautiful island. Mallorca Cathedral and the marina will take your attention at the first sight. You can understand the local's way of living, wealth and silence when you walk around the houses.

You meet with locals who park their grand luxurious car somewhere in front the cathedral and go inside with their Vespa or Mini Coopers :)) Streets are narrow and clean, houses are in order with their long french type windows, you easily hear someone's footstep behind you and you listen the laugh or TV sounds coming outside from windows... Pizzeria Trattoria Michelangelo must seen to have Italian food taste.

Alcudia-Platja de Muro

It is at the north eastern coast of the island. Nature is playing with you here. Colours are dancing, its cloudy and the beach is surrounded by green.

Palma de Mallorca-30

Palma de Mallorca-31
It is a paradise for kite surfers behind me

Palma de Mallorca-32
If you have kids, this Safari-Zoo could be a nice stop for you near Cala Millor

Porto Cristo Cuevos- Drach Caves

Many caves lay down under the ground of Mallorca. Probably, all are like the roots of one tree and the best known cave is Drach Caves. The prices are around 15 Euro/Person and the journey takes nearly 2 hours. I do not want to awake you here but I cannot hold myself ; ) Impressive concert awaits you before the end of tour.

Palma de Mallorca-33

Palma de Mallorca-34

Palma de Mallorca-35

Cala Romantica

Another famous beach of Mallorca... It is famous because of its name may be ; ) Yet, it should be famous with its colour, deep water and aquarium. This beach is worthy enough for being a yatch stop. One point to be careful about! Forgetting your snorkel and pallet makes you really sad.

Palma de Mallorca-36

Palma de Mallorca-37

Parc Natural de Mondrago

A world heritage side from Mallorca. You can either walk through the walking tracks or have a picnic with your family inside the forest. The moment we amazed was sleeping after eating pizza and drinking Sangria at beach cafe ; )

Palma de Mallorca-38

Palma de Mallorca-39

Palma de Mallorca-40

This mallorca specific blog is for the ones who care about taking a home in Mallorca or get to know a lot about the island of calm

Last sentences... If you leave the island without any second stop at Es Trenc, trust me, you just think you will be cursed by this island and you will never come here again and if you visit Mallorca please send me a card or just leave a comment here, I appreciate this ; )

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