Pinar Del Rio and Winales Valley

While we were going to Winales Valley through the spring of Del Rio, we have seen field of molasses, bananas, rice and tobacco. The size of tobacco leaves was pretty impressive. We arrived at the Wello cave from there. It took us 10 minutes to get out of the cave with boats.

We saw the picture Gonzales drew on a rock on the mountain of valley Winales. It was done in 1957-1961, took 4 years. He pictured pre-history on gigantic rocks. He used natural dye and they did not wear out with all the natural cause, for 50 years. He pictured Adam and Eve, dinosaurs, snails and such figures.

Winales town gets a lot of toursist. In this completely green valley, they rent modest single-floor houses with gardens to tourists for 20-30 euros.



Yazar Hakkında


1951 İstanbul doğumluyum. Yıl içinde dönüşümlü olarak Sinop, Bodrum ve İstanbul’da yaşamaktayım.Küçük yaşlarda babamın mesleği gereği, Türkiye’nin pek çok farklı şehirlerinde yaşadım.