A Place For Fun And Relaxation, Turgutreis

Turgutreis, the gateway for the Bodrum Peninsula to the Eagan sea… A location with many a beautiful touristic facilities and a stylish marina. It’s incredible nature and beaches, comes together with many shopping, entertainment and dining spots to make a perfect vacation spot.

The D-Marin which was opened in 2003 changed the environment quite a bit. The new hotels and restaurants opened, increasing the tourism capacity of the area.

It is very easy to get to the Greek Islands from Turgutreis, which is under the identity and the authority of International Borders. It is advised to make use of the tourist favorite ferries, that take off from D-Marin and head for Kos and Kalimnos Islands.

Turgutreis became Ottoman territory once Suleiman the Magnificent took it over from the Knights of Rhodes. This province carrying the name of our great Seaman Turgut Reis, offers  kinds of entertainment, for all tastes. For instance it is a very suitable stop to watch the setting sun.

You can catch your breath at the Marina, have a pleasant meal in one of the great seafood restaurants or go shopping for different spices, herbs or souvenirs at its local market. Turgut Reis is especially famous for it’s bazaars that are set up on Saturdays. In these bazaars you’ll have a chance to taste the fresh and delicious fruits and vegetables that are grown by the villagers around Turgutreis.The bays between Gümüşlük and Karaincir are all incredible. The closest one of these beaches is the Sunset beach. The Fork Island just 3 sea miles from Turgutreis is a popular spot for all kinds of boats.

The Light Bay about 5 km’s out of Turgutreis is the meeting spot for the surfers, since turgutreis is a paradise for Surfers with it’s strong sea winds.

It’s other bays are Akyarlar Meteorology and Akçabuk Cove. The other beach at Karaincir, which is 10km’s away from Turgutreis is very calm and windless with it’s smooth sand.

Another feature of Turgutreis is that it is home to the remains of many sunken ships from the antique eras. In fact the first underwater archeological digs were made here and the findings here led to the establishment of Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archeology.