Port Louis With It's Amazing Nature

Port Louis is a 50.000 populated, cute, but also a touristic city. There is sea, in front of the city, and volcanic mountains covering its back in cresent shape. The highest one of them is 880 meters.

We have seen the volcano which exploded 700.000 years ago and now filled with water. There were fish living in the volcanic crater and people were fishing in it. This area is named Turou aux Carfs.

After that, we saw the sacred lake named Mare au Vacaus and the 35 meter high Shiva statue on the way back from there. We went in to the Indian temple here. It was like a festival area. Just like a smaller version of India. People were dressed colorfully. They were first blessing the foods like pineapples, coconuts and bananas, and then offer them to their gods, then worship while completing their prayers. The monkeys and baboons around were eating the bananas the visitors brought.

Then, we went to Chamarel Waterfall, again around the Port Louis. It falls from 162 meters high. We went through the sugarcane fields to reach the waterfall.

We walked in rainforests and we saw the 7 colored volcanic soils. It was very interesting. Not flat, lined up like very low mountains, really colorful, jungle at the back, nothing in front. The colors are pink, yellow, gray, black, cream, orange… They are very distinct and lined up like little mountains.

We heard there is a Turkish man named Mahmut Önen, living in this island. His wife is a Chinese originated Maurituian. But unfortunately we could not meet them.

We went to see the giant turtles from there. We caressed them, fed them. A turtle was stepping on the pile of grass with one foot that was put in front of him to eat, and catching the other end with his mouth, trying to snap it. I think it was the biggest turtle I could ever see in my life.

With its buildings, shopping centers, Port Louis centrum is really beautiful. Camdan Waterfront is especially a photoworth place. You can find model sails and woodcarvings at Port Louis Bazaar.

We stayed at Le Sufren hotel at night.  There are not shuttle buses from here to Camdan Waterfront, but water taxis. Water taxis are both more practical and fun.

The next morning, we went to botanical gardens called Pample Mousses. It is a complete arboretum. Many varieties of plants and trees can be found inside. This garden was built by Sir Seewoosapur Rampoolan. But it was designed by a French person.

Palm trees shaped as bottles, babobab trees, sausage trees. Fruits of sausage trees differ between 10 to 15 kgs. The giant palm trees has branches that weigh 50 kgs.  It blooms in 60 years and dies.

The pond lilly variety here, was brought from Amazon, and only 1 leaf of it has a 1 meter diameter. They grow this big in just a month than rot and die. They can hold up to 50 kgs. Backs of the leaves are spiky to protect the plant from other creatures. Life of the flowers is 24 hours. They are white at first, than turns to pink, than turns to purple and die.

The other original plant is the bleeding tree. This tree releases red resin, and it is burned in churches because of its good smell.

The Millionaire Palm (Palm Heart), red Signet Tree (signet ink) and the bamboo palm are the trees worth seeing.

In a pond, close to the lilles, we have seen a kind of leaf that does not get wet even when it rains on it. Even if you pour a bucket of water on it, it won’t get wet, all the water just falls down from it in drops.

A spiky palm kind called “leg of mother-in-law”, the crocodile palm with its crocodilish textured trunk and the walking palm, was interesting. The walking palm can swing its newly grown arms forward and can change place in years. It can walk 2 cms a year.



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