Praslin Island and Coco de Mer

Praslin is and island which is also known as Palm Island and Paradise Island. It definitely deserves both of the names. You feel like living in a corner of heaven when you are in Praslin. Imagine a broad white beach, blue standing sea and coconut trees running parallel along the coastline.

Praslin has already been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Centre.

It takes about 20-25 minutes to boat from La Digue to Praslin. We directly went to botanical garden, named Vallèe de Mai, as soon as we arrived Praslin, because the island includes the second largest botanical garden in the world.

We got on a taxi and reached Vallèe de Mai. It is a nature park that includes Coco de Mer, which is a palm endemic to the park.

The Coco de Mer palm can live about 200-400 years. Only female plant seeds and the fruit requires 7 years to mature. The mature fruit weighs about 20 kg, and looks like bottom of a human. As I and my husband are into cultivating, we wanted to purchase the seeds of the plant. Seed sale is allowed, but taking it out of the country is strictly forbidden. Thus, we could not purchase any.

The price of a fruit is very expensive as it requires 7 years to mature and is endemic to the island. The prices vary between 350-400 euros.

The staminate inflorescence of male Coco de Mer palms is about one meter long and 15-20 cm in diameter. The Coco de Mer is a quite interesting palm that you cannot see  anywhere in the world except for Praslin.

We also saw vanilla and cinnamon trees. Vanilla trees were so tall as they crept with other trees. Its fruits look like green beans, but they are longer. When you cut the fruit in the middle, you come across brown small seeds like sand. It has a wonderful aroma, so all our suitcases smelt vanilla when we left Vallèe de Mai.

Unfortunately, we contented ourselves with watching the sea in Praslin, as we did not have time to swim. Then, we reached our anchored cruiser after a boat trip lasted about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

In the evening, we watched performances, organized for foreigners in the cruiser, while having dinner with wonderful dishes.



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