Quebec With It's Wooden Streets

While heading to Quebec from Montreal, we see great sights along the Sen Lawrence river. On the road we visit the “Les Grands Feux loto Quebec” waterfalls. We get down to the foot of the falls, and take some great pictures. There is also an iron bridge, just atop the waterfall, and the sight from the bridge is simply extraordinary. You can also get to the top of the waterfall via a ropeway. We head back to Quebec after our waterfall adventure.

The Quebec state has a population of 6,5 million, and the Quebec city has a population of 1 million. The city is very pleasant and is definitely worth visiting. Generally the people here speak French. We visited the Quebec Parliament building, and arrive to the square of war. This place is also named the Place of Abraham. A very large park of 45 hectares. The Quebec city hosts many concerts and festivals.

Place of Abraham is an open air area, which supports up to 180 people, for concerts and such. Rolling stones broke a record here with 300 thousand people, and Celine Dion had 240 thousand. Around the park, there are houses of 2 stories, with some of them converted into boutique hotels. We get to a square with a gigantic fountain, and then to the river banks, after leaving the Park. The coastline is a rather touristic area. Fun narrow streets with small shops and café’s adorn the avenues.

The Place Royale on the Royal Square is a must see in Quebec. There is a great picture painted on the walls of 4 story building, depicting the history and the daily life in Quebec , throughout the four different seasons.

We head upwards, with the funicular system. The “Chateau Saint Luis” built in 1811 is an amazing structure.

On the side of the Chateau that overlooks the port, the floor is covered with wide wooden planks. Beneath this walk way, are certain historical ruins and pieces, which are covered with a protective layer of glass for demonstrative purposes. This feels like an open air museum. Interior of the Chateau is converted into a grand hotel “Le Chateau Frontenac”.

There is also an underground city,beneath Quebec. You can find stores, shops, café’s and restaurants here. An interesting place to visit especially on cold winter days.

Quebec with it’s Chateau Saint Luis, wooden streets, Giant pictures on the King’s square, narrow alleys, enjoyable boutiques and café’s, is an unforgettable place.



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